Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day!

Today, many of us will spend the day with our fathers, sons, daughters, and other family members in celebration of Fathers Day. While is a great day to honor our Fathers, shouldn't we really be honoring our Dads! Any yard bird with the capability to produce semen has the chance to become a Father, but it takes work, dedication, and physically being involved in our children lives that makes us a Dad and worthy of such a day.

For this reason, we ought to rename it Dad's day because far too many baby momma's exist in the world today. We need more Father's to become Dad's. A Dad nurtures, disciplines, molds, listens, loves, interacts, offer a shoulder to cry on, allows the child to fail, helps the child learn from their mistakes, allows them to make life's tough choices even when they are not ready to do it and most importantly - a Dad is there providing a safe haven no matter what life event takes place in their son or daughter life.

So to all the Dads - Happy Dads Day! Because you are the real men in the family.