Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is Arizona’s new Illegal Immigration law justified?

"As Americans, we must stand up against this law. It's a travesty, and it's a moral outrage," said Elena Letona at a recent demonstration against Arizona's new illegal immigration law ( Illegal immigration has been a hot button topic for decades and it appears now that Arizona is tired of it. Prior to the legislation being moved through Arizona's state Legislature a local rancher was killed by an illegal immigrant. The new law allows for police to ask for proof of citizenship to anyone they choose to ask. Governor Jan Brewer signed the legislation into law on Friday as Arizona continues to deal with approximately 460,000 illegal immigrants.

Alison Peek writer for the Salt Lake City Political Buzz Examiner wrote, "When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the toughest immigration law in the United States, she opened the door to profiling, discrimination and racism. It was one of the biggest steps backward this country has seen in more than 225 years." Really? I'd argue the health care mandate is a bigger step backwards. Why are we so scared to profile? If a police officer asks for proof of citizenship how does that translate into discrimination and racism? A process is established to enter the country in a legal way and states like Arizona has battled and been handcuffed in cracking down on illegal immigration until now. It is time to get tougher on illegal immigration. Right now the largest segment of the world's population entering into the United States is Latin America.

We are going to need immigration to replace our ranks as the baby boomers age. So, if people want to come into our country to live and work then just comply with the law of the land. If you enter the country illegally then you need to be deported back. The influx of illegal immigrants taxes our health care system, burdens our schools system, and creates additional concerns for our police. That being said isn't well within the right of Arizona to enact such a law to keep their legal citizens safe? The trouble with immigration to begin with is that politicians use it as means to garner votes. If the system is broken then fix it. Don't turn a blind eye to the issue or when States, like Arizona, pass law to crack down on illegal immigration do not call it racist or discriminatory. Of course it is discriminatory because it discriminates against illegal immigrants. While the focus on the Arizona law is on the ability of police to ask for proof of citizenship the law also cracks down on those that hire illegal immigrants.