Thursday, July 14, 2011

Minnesota Government Shutdown - Deal reached?!?

It is being reported that Gov. Dayton has agreed to Republican June 30th offer but not without conditions. Some of the conditions that Gov. Dayton has put on the agreement are: a construction projects bill totaling $500 million, the removal from the budget bill of all policy changes on social issues, and the elimination of a 15 percent cut for state workers.

Gov. Dayton said, "Despite my serious reservations about your plan, I have concluded that continuing the state government shutdown would be even more destructive for too many Minnesotans,” the governor wrote. “Therefore, I am willing to agree to something I do not agree with – your proposal – in order to spare our citizens and our state from further damage." (

How is Gov. Dayton going to "spare our citizens and our state from further damage"? Granted we are losing revenue from the closing of state parks and the lottery but what Minnesotans are learning is how far the government is needlessly intruding into our lives. One example is all the pubs, resturants, and sellers of adult beverages that were in danger of having their buyer cards expiring. Why do we need to charge $20 for this card? Why is this card needed? If this card is needed then can't local municipalities provide this service?

The other question is that since Gov. Dayton has put stipulations on the June 30th proposal, does that open the door for the Republicans to counter? If that does and the Republicans do, where does that leave Minnesota?