Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

As we all spend one last weekend of summer the week ahead will play out with a lot of political theater. Wednesday Congress will be back in action and that night there will be a GOP debate. Last week the Obama Administration played political games by asking the Joint Congress to allow President Obama to address them on the same night the GOP debate was to take place. The denial by House Speaker Boehner, some say, was a sign of disrespect. While I recognize the brinkmanship by the Obama Administration to ask to address the Joint Session knowing that the GOP had a debate already planned, I don't fault House Speaker Boehner for saying no to the request.

From a political standpoint it was a brilliant move by the Obama Administration attempt to paint the GOP as the party of "No" with re-election season upon us. The trouble is that the ploy did not give Obama's re-election bid a bump as was hoped it may. Nor did the GOP see a backlash by denying the request. Instead President Obama will address the Joint Congress on Thursday prior to the opening game of the 2011 NFL Season. As I watched the morning shows on Sunday I did notice one thing missing; none of the Democrats on the panels were touting any part of President Obama's job plan.

Everyone agreed that the plan needs to be historic but offered very little in regards to detail. One would think the Administration would be out in front of this and leading the a build up to the speech on Thursday. Has the Obama Administration lost its bite or fight when Rham Emmanuel left? Regardless which side of the aisle you sit on this week will be filled with political theater. I do look forward to President Obama's speech on Thursday and hope that he can lay out plan that would be worthy of the Nobel Prize he was given when elected.