Sunday, March 17, 2013

Intertwined theories?

Well I am going to try something new today. I am writing this text from a kindle fire since I am in sunny Florida. As I read The Federalist Papers and smoke a cigar my mind wondered a bit to the conversation recently I had on the topic of Evolution vs. Creationism.So before the thought wanes I figure compose a post. For centuries debate has commenced on the origins of human birth. Did God create humans as it is written or have we simply evolved? Apes appear to lead the charge for evolution. Why can't both theories be correct? Let's assume the universe started with the big bang. Who lit the fuse? Where did the fuse come from? Perhaps, as it is written, God lit the fuse and Bang! For the next six days God - the true God - created the universe. During these six days God allowed evolutionary forces to play out. From time to time God tweaked the universe only slightly to encourage the path of evolution. On the seventh day God rests. The Rest is God telling the universe the course is set and evolutionary forces are such that tweaks,for now, are not needed. So, why cannot these two theories of human development coexist?