Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday News that isn't being reported

It is Sunday morning and instead of sleeping in I was up earlier to read the various media outlets I do every Sunday. Nearly every site I read had articles about North Korea, Gun Control debate, Budget debate, Tiger Woods debacle at the Masters, and Governor Dayton's Budget mess. Then I came across an article on -

I had heard Sue Jeffers discuss Dr. Kermit Gosnell on the Saturday Round Table show she has as I took my oldest son to Trap shooting practice - believe it or not but it is a new sport for his school this year. North Dakota Governor recently signed legislation that enacted some of the most restricted laws in regards to abortion. That, and other states looking to do the same thing, have received plenty of media coverage.

When it comes to abortion I don't view abortion as the responsible thing to do but recognize that it is a personal decision that ought to be left to the individuals and their doctor. The only roll the government is to have is to ensure the procedure is safe. Granted it is only safe for the mother as the child will not be safe in the end. But I digress.

Dr. Gosnell is being charged with murder for the method used to complete the abortion process. Here is the grand jury report: An Epic Failure exists here on several levels.

The first level of failure starts with the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The clinic run by Dr. Gosnell is Women's Medical Society that started by in 1979. Per the grand jury findings, Governor Ridge decided to stop auditing and inspecting abortion clinics in Pennsylvania because it would be "putting a barrier up to women" who seek abortions. Really?!?! Even after several reports of violations by Dr. Gosnell including one that he performed an abortion on a 14 year old female that was in her 30th week the Pennsylvania Department of Health did nothing.

Dr. Gosnell method of abortion for those with child beyond the 20th week is to induce labor and when the child is born - alive - is to "snip" the spinal cord. Ironically the way the Department of Health in Pennsylvania brought the murder charges to Dr. Gosnell is by their raid to look for prescription drug misuse by the clinic.

The second level of failure is various watch dog groups that look for violations of civil rights. Nothing from NAACP, ACLU, NOW or any other watch dog group over the disparate conditions that white clients had versus minority clients of Dr. Gosnell. During the raid it was noted that the clinic was in horrible condition - stench of urine in the air, non-sterile equipment, blood soaked linens, etc. Despite the horrible conditions, Dr. Gosnell did attempt to give white clients better rooms in the clinic because Dr. Gosnell believed they be "more" apt to report the clinic than minority clients.

The final level of failure is the media. Very little investigative journalism has taken place and likely little will. Reporting on a doctor that performs abortion in conditions that Dr. Gosnell did and as late in the term has he did would not promote the Liberal ideal of abortions or the women's right to choose. As troubling as this sounds, I am all for the women's right to choose but women need to assured the choice is not going to kill them too.

Perhaps going forward more coverage of this issue will take place but I am not holding my breath. We will be more focused on gun control that will not stop the needless deaths that took place at Sandy Hook or any other place.