Saturday, May 4, 2013

Minnesota Dream Act takes another step forward

This past week the Senate voted, 41-23, to approved legislation that will allow illegal residents of Minnesota to go to school while paying in-state tuition. Not only that, illegal residents will also be able to apply for state and federal aid to go to school as well. I am not against anyone obtaining additional education nor making that education pursuit achievable but what is lost on the DFL led Legislature, and not just in Minnesota, is the work ILLEGAL!

If it is illegal for a felon to vote, which some do, and own a weapon, which some do, why is it legal for illegal residents of Minnesota to pay in-state tuition and receive taxpayer aid to go to school? The University of Minnesota is reporting that the legislation will result in lost revenue. Early numbers suggest $175,000 a year loss to the U of M. Granted the number is not staggering but is this something we need to be doing when revenues are scarce in the down economy?

Now this amount is just for the U of M, what about the other state institutions - how will they fair - what will be the final financial impact on the taxpayers of Minnesota? According to the financial footnote in the bill there are roughly 750 students this will impact at a cost to grant programs of $540,000 and $100,000 is one-time set up costs. That is $640,000 less dollars that will go to legal resident of Minnesota that are wanting a higher education.

Again I harken back to the word ILLEGAL. Why is it okay for illegal residents to break the law? In the end, what message are se sending to our kids and the rest of the world. If this legislation is passed and signed by Governor Dayton the financial footnote of only 750 students being the impact will be a drop in the bucket as more people will come to Minnesota to siphon off Minnesota taxpayer money without contributing to our society legally.