Sunday, June 2, 2013

Axelrod gets it right!

A few weeks back I asked the question - What is the proper size of Government? Those that had challenged me to answer that question have been remarkably silent - Why might that be? On May 15th of this year David Axelrod, while on Morning Joe, is talking about the IRS scandal stated, "When you are President of the United States...part of being President there is so much beneath you that you cannot know because the government is so vast..."

Really! The President of the United States is the leader of our country. The one that is suppose to set the tone. Now I could go down the path that President Obama is the "smartest" President ever and all the rhetoric the Progressives have thrown out there about President Obama but I won't because it isn't germane to the topic at hand.

The fact that a Progressive finally admitted that the size of the Government is "so vast" that no one President cannot fully understand or be in the know of every detail of government is astounding. The IRS Scandal, which now appears to have over 60 agents involved, the AP/Fox New spying allegations, and the Benghazi cover up are just symptoms of a bigger problem. Soon we will have Obamacare that will be enforced by the IRS and is driving up insurance premiums.

Government is far too big! That mantra is not a battle cry for no government; rather it is the mantra for dialogue on the proper size and scope of government. In reading the Federalist Papers, again, it amazes me to the grasps of meaningful dialogue that our Founding Fathers painstakingly undertook to ensure that a repeat of the Continental Congress didn't take place while understanding that not all ills were able to be rectified to retain the Union. Since that point of the ratification of the United States Constitution, the concept of a limited Federal Government as eroding into the mammoth that David Axelrod is referring to when speaking on Morning Joe.

The downfall of any great society is the bureaucracy choke hold and the paranoia of the populous to curry favor with said bureaucracy. We approach that abyss. Recent scandal of the Obama administration are just a microcosm of the nature of the beast. Larger issues remain  - an example of that is the untamed animal known as the Federal Reserve. The Fed, as it is commonly referred to, is an un-elected body in charge of maintaining a secure and vibrant money supply that works inside of a star chamber. Soon we will have another un-elected board created out of the 7,000 plus page mega-bill known as Obamacare that will decide our future in regards to health care directives, procedures, coverage and, yes, penalties.

We have time to reverse this course and the river runs swift in the other direction, but it takes a collective voice unafraid of an IRS audit or retribution by the Government. Time is here for American's to reclaim the ideals of the Founding Fathers of a limited government, the opportunity to live free, and retain the government of the people for the people in tact. Attempt to think outside one's comfort zone and assess the scope and size of our current government. Our Founding Fathers risked far worse than being labeled a Tea Party, a Conservative, a Progressive, a Liberal, a Socialist to ensure that United States, as imperfect the start, would be a place that freedom reigned and Government played second fiddle.