Sunday, July 28, 2013

President Obama - Phony Scandals and Jobs

Saturday morning President Obama spoke to the nation as he routinely does on a weekly basis ( President Obama opened his address highlighting a few of his accomplishments over the past four and half years - "We saved the auto industry, took on a broken health care system, invested in new American technologies to reverse our addiction to foreign oil, and changed a tax code too skewed in favor of the wealthiest at the expense of working families."

President Obama is accurate that the auto industry is better than it was four years ago, but the Ford is leading the way and they didn't take bailout money. In regards to the "broken" health care system, why then is there a one year delay in the implementation for businesses but not individuals? Then we move onto American technologies - guess Solyndra bankruptcy is a forgotten aspect of that strategy, the Keystone Pipeline still isn't in place. Oh yeah, you go Buffet to agree with you on the "tax the rich" scheme in exchange for keeping the pipeline on the back burner so Buffet's railroad company can thrive.

It cracks me up that President Obama, and others, tout that 7.2 Million new jobs have been created over the past four and half years. President Obama, and others, how many people have left the job force over the past four and half years? Mr. President, when you took office only 81,023,000 not in the labor force while the latest data says 89,717,000 which is a difference of over 8 million people. So, let's be honest, that 7.2 million new job creation is a facade and an empty number.

President Obama is correct when discussing "trends that have been eroding middle-class security" in regards to technology making jobs obsolete, "global competition that makes others moveable, growing inequality and the policies that perpetuate it". As we demand cheaper products, higher wages and easier ways of doing things - skill sets will change and people will need to adapt. To this challenge, President Obama stated that "reversing these trends must be Washington's highest priority." Hmmm...that sounds like central planning to me and that is not something that a free society requires.

It is time for Washington to stop picking winners and losers. I am not saying to unregulate the market; rather regulate intelligently in a manner that doesn't pick winners and losers. North Dakota and areas in Texas are seeing job booms because of fracking of shale for oil and natural gas. That is using current technology to create high wage jobs for the eroding Middle-Class. Now, this will require many to re-tool their skill sets and that is something every American should constantly be doing without the guidance of Government. As a side not, the sand used in fracking is used also in producing solar panels.

President Obama is correct when he said, "Washington has taken its eye off the ball." but not for the reasons he states. "Phony scandals" are not phony Mr. President - violating our rights as citizens or sitting idly by as four Americans die in a foreign land are serious events. Unfortunately, far too many media outlets shutter at the thought of doing their job of investigating civil right violations by Washington. These scandals are not just President Obama; rather they are scandals for all in Washington.