Thursday, August 1, 2013

Democrats Mire Clinton's Chances for White House

Prior to the 2008 Presidential election, Sen. Hillary Clinton was poised to take the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Then an freshman Senator with very little political resume juggernauts to the head of the class and takes the nomination away from Sen. Clinton. President Obama put Sen. Clinton into his cabinet to keep her politically viable. The former Secretary has new issues now as she attempts to mount another run at garnering the Democratic nomination for President in 2016.

Yes, I know it is only 2013 and perhaps that is why we are seeing this story brew now and not later as many of us realize that voters have short term memories. Brewing story is the comparison of Secretary Clinton to Anthony Weiner's wife Huma. In case you haven't been up on current events Mr. Weiner is running for office in New York; yet he continues to have been sending out lewd texts and tweets to females under the guise of Carlos Danger. Huma, who was an aide to Secretary Clinton and a close friend, has been sticking by her husband.

The media has been not kind to Huma though in regards to her husbands actions; yet the same media gave then First Lady Clinton a pass as a litany of women were touted of having extramarital affairs with President Clinton. Some in the media are speculating that why women like Huma or Secretary Clinton put up with their husband's immorality is it suffices their own political pursuits. That being said, I find it interesting that the media is starting to turn up the heat in the comparison to Huma and Hillary.

Could it be that the Democratic Party is just providing lip service to feminists by flirting with the notion of nominating a female to the top of the ticket? Then to give the DNC cover as to why not Clinton, or a female with similar credentials, stories portraying women as enablers instead of an innocent bystander are leaked. What is the Democratic Party afraid of? What is America afraid of?