Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

September 2, 2014 - marks the start of school for 2014. Yes, I know that some schools started last week. A lot of pictures on Facebook from friends, family and other relations showing the kids off to the bus stop with smiles on. As these kids go off to school and learn, my hope is that Civic classes make a Renaissance.

Over 200 years ago, old power wigged men decided that the oppression by the English Crown had gone on long enough. They acted, with the help of France, and formed a new government that we enjoy today. Along the way, many of the wrongs were corrected - Woman's Sufferage, Civil Rights Act - unfortunately one thing continues to erode; States Rights.

The 10th Amendment has been eroded and really leaves little in regards to State Rights anymore. The concept is rather simply; the power of the country is to reside in the State Houses of government and not Washington D.C. States no longer are allowed to choose their Senators; instead they are elected which allows money from outside the State to influence not mention the carpetbaggers. The concept of State Rights was to prevent a strong centralized system of government to rule over the land as the issues facing New Yorkers were much different than issues facing those from other States.

Just like today, issues facing Minnesota differ than those facing Arizona, Texas or even Maine. These
"laboratories of Democracy" were set in place for this reason.  When you get your new iPhone or Galaxy, we all choose which Apps we are to have, right? Well that is the same concept with State Rights.

If the laws of the land are the same in Minnesota as they are in California as they are in New York and we don't like them then we have no place to relocate to. Just like if we tire of Angry Birds and want to move onto Candy Crush, we have that ability by adding and deleting Apps. If you live in Minnesota and you don't like the fact that you cannot openly carry your weapon of choice, you have the ability to move to a State that does.

Some common laws ought to exists to aid in the flow of goods, the protection of private property and ensure basic civil rights exist. Let's hope our young children wake up and realize the benefits of a de-centralized system of government while we still have some freedom of choice, assembly, religion, and association.