Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Favre Circus has landed

Well the years, months, and days of speculation have ended for Viking fans as Brett Favre is at Winter Park in a red #4 jersey. The circus has finally come to town. The road has been a long one, even taking a detour to New York for a year, to obtain the missing link the Vikings needed to be a contender. To gauge the impact that Favre will have on the success of the Vikings is still unknown but the impact on the local economy is already evident.

Within hours of the announcement 2,500 season tickets and 8,000 single tickets were sold. Star Tribune reported a spike in traffic of their website from the average 100,000 hits per day to over a million hits as the news broke. Favre #4 jerseys are sure to be a hot retail item as well that will assist local stores suffering from the recession.

Zigi Wilf gave Favre a two-year deal worth $25M. Favre will see $12M this year and $13M next season. Intrigue continues as the Vikings most likely will not carry four quarterbacks for the season. Both Jackson and Rosenfels have been reported to demanding a trade if Favre became a Viking. Both quarterbacks will have to wait though. Favre is 39 years old and will turn 40 turning the football season that combined with his shoulder and arm issues may force the Vikings to keep four quarterbacks.

Neither Jackson nor Rosenfels looked overly impressive during the first preseason game. Rosenthal did have decent numbers but it was against scrubs. Jackson on the other hand was completely horrible. Taking the two of their performance into consideration, shock should not be the order of the day.

In questions from the media, Jackson and Rosenfels tried to play off the signing by attempting the high road. “It’s something that wasn’t a total shock. Obviously this had been three months in the ongoing sort of thing. So for me personally this wasn’t what I was hoping for,” said Rosenfels in reaction to Favre showing up at Winter Park. While Rosenfels has it right that it wasn’t a total shock, his timeline suffers. The deal to bring Favre goes back over a year when Favre announced his retirement from the Packers only later to change his mind; thus being traded to the Jets.
Jackson responded to the Favre intrusion by saying, “I really don’t have a reaction. I’m just taking it day by day right now.” The only day by day action that Jackson will be taking is how to hold the clipboard or get the Gatorade for his elder. The potential biggest loser in all this is John David Booty.

John David Booty is still green, per NFL standards, and has been regulated to throwing a collection of stiffs since joining the NFL. Booty did score a few dollars I am sure for giving Favre #4 and taking #9. At the end of the day, Booty may be the happiest though. If the rumors are true about Jackson and Rosenfels demanding trades if Favre is signed, Booty may find himself the #2 based on attitude alone. Then again Coach Childress has a hard on for Jackson and by trading him or letting him go would be admission of poor judgment.

Now that the circus is done, the question remaining is how far will the Vikings go? The speculation in Viking faithful heads has to be similar to those purchasing lottery tickets today for the Powerball; if I win what will I do? Well the Vikings appeared to have “won”.