Thursday, August 13, 2009

William Kostric exercises his liberty in Portsmouth, NH

Chris Matthews had William Kostric on “Hardball” after President Obama spoke on health care in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Matthews was troubled by the fact that Kostic brought a loaded firearm to the presidents event because of the history of violence toward past presidents. In New Hampshire it is legal to carry a firearm openly in public. William Kostric was there demonstrating his freedoms and liberty enjoyed and was not there to do harm to anyone.

The knee jerk reaction the media gave him that do not live in New Hampshire is pathetic. Matthews exclaimed on his show, “Your’re carrying a god damned gun at a Presidential event.” The goal of William Kostric, a Libertarian, was to put on display the liberties we are Americans are losing at the hands of our politicians.

Matthews tried to lump Kostric in with the “birthers’ movement until Kostric said he had no “claim” on the movement. I found it funny that Matthews asked him if he brought a loaded gun, Kostric’s response was priceless when he said, “who would be silly to carry an unloaded firearm.”
I think Kostric handled himself very well during the berating by Matthews.
Kostric asked “Why don’t people bear arms these days?” I wish I would have been able to watch more of the show to see what others had to say about it.

Take a look if you missed it.