Friday, September 11, 2009


This morning I was going to discuss the decision made by the Waconia city council but a more important topic takes my attention. Today marks the 8th anniversary of actions taken by terrorist against the United States. 9/11 will forever be burnt into minds of Americans. Everyone will recall with vivid color what they were doing when word came that an airplane slammed into the World Trade Center. I know for myself that I was working at Eaton Corporation and just stepped outside of the bathroom when a coworker walked past me in tears. The office was no longer abuzz with conversation with expedites, order taking or processing of customer concerns; rather a silence never experienced before loomed over the room. As I walked back to my desk I learned that something happened in New York. A lot of speculation was taking place. To confound the speculation no one could gain access to the news websites as traffic was high on the internet. A television set was finally obtained and reality of the day was starting to set in. Our phones were quiet, email was slow, internet was non-existence and people were in shock.

Then word came of a second plane crashed into the World Trade Center, an airliner downed in Pennsylvania and an airliner crashing into the Pentagon. While I personally did not lose a family member or a friend in the attacks, I can only imagine the pain, anguish and loss of those that did. Right now MSNBC is replaying the real time video airing of the Today show as it happened. Watching and listening to their account and speculation of what happened is a somber way to begin the day. Yet, it gives me a strong reminder of how fragile life is. Even though a terrorist attack has not taken place again since 2001, Americans still need to understand that there exist forces in the world that wish the destruction of our way of life. Take a moment today to remind those you love and your neighbors that life, liberty and freedom is not to be taken for granted.