Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waconia City Council set stage for tax increase.

Last week the Waconia City Council moved, 5-0 vote, to terminate Drew Anderson's employment with the city. The Council cited allegations of using the city plow to clear his driveway during the winter, use of a skid steer during work for personal use, replacing curb and gutter on a home where he lived, and the use of water treatment security camera. To help stem the blow of a lawsuit the City Council did offer a six month severance package which was declined by Anderson. Despite the fact that he was recently promoted and is a veteran the political game city council members played was blatant and will cost the city.

While Anderson has 60 days to request a veteran's preference hearing, I would be surprised if he does. As many of you recall the uproar came after a story broke in the Patriot this past July discussing his rape conviction of a 14-year old girl. The current city administration and Council claim to know nothing despite the fact the city arranged for Anderson to serve his time in Carver County and not in Stearns where the rape took place. The move by the city was so Anderson could continue to work his job for the city. Now, Anderson is set for a multi-million dollar payday. I hope the citizens of Waconia are ready for a tax increase as I suspect the City of Waconia does not have an extra $2M sitting in the bank.