Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama Deficit reaches new heights with more to come!!!!

Normally I do not blog on Saturdays but when I walked out to get my paper and read the headline in Star Tribune "Deficit Surges to New Records" I felt compelled to write. The 2009 deficit reached $1.42T which is three times more than any year in the history of the United States. The spin on Capitol Hill is that it is less than predicted, $1.6T, by the CBO. Then again the CBO had counted on the passing of Health Care and Cap and Trade in their projections. Imagine where our deficit would be if these two piece of legislation passed as the Democrats wish. The new service article in the Star Tribune said the deficit mark is "more than the total national debt for the first 200 years of the Republic, more than the entire economy of India, almost as much as Canada's, and more than $4,700 for every man, woman and child in the United States."

So please, everyone send in your check so we can pay down our debt. If the Democrat led Congress does not turn fiscally responsible, we will need to send in bigger and bigger checks to the government or see an economic ruin far worse than the "collapse" of the financial markets. Again, please send in your share of the deficit that the Democrats have increased to new heights or prepare for an onslaught of new taxes; i.e. fat tax, sin tax, and health care tax.