Thursday, June 17, 2010

Many see President Obama as off the mark with Oil Speech

I have been reading a lot of backlash from all sides of the aisle after President Obama gave his speech last night. The headlines are:


President of Change Unwilling to Tackle US Oil Addiction – Der Spiegel

Obama should be thanking BP, not demonizing it – The Telegraph

No gushing over Obama's oil spill spiel – The Guardian

Even long standing ardent supports of Obama spoke out against the speech. Olbermann quipped after the speech, "It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days." Matthews quipped after the speech, "I don't sense executive command" and even compared Obama to President Carter. Howard Fineman was the tamest of the trio after the speech by quipping, "He wasn't specific enough." Did President Obama fall short? Did President Obama convince the American public and those directly affected by the oil spill?

I did not get to watch the spiel but I did read the transcript. President Obama is correct that we need to wane ourselves from our addiction on foreign oil. The President was a bit off on the amount of oil we have available in North America and why rigs are forced into deeper waters. While writing this blog entry BP announced that it would set up a $20 billion fund to assist those affected by the oil spill. President Obama announced that one of his Czar's would oversee the fund. But I digress. The way to help American's with their addiction of oil is to give them more.

Hear me out. Per President Obama, America uses 20% of the oil consumed in the world. It is time that America increases their use to push the green agenda. If the goal is to really move toward only green energy we need to deplete the resource that feeds our addiction. Let's drill all the oil we can from North America and use it like the gluttons we are. Bring back the SUV's that get 13 mpg and demand that all Americans drive these vehicles only for the next ten years to burn up as much oil as we can. I know this an out of the box idea but let's use our strength's as America to push the green agenda.