Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why another $50 billion, Mr. Obama?

The Coast Guard has given BP a 48 hour mandate to show improvement or else. Not sure what that or else will be. At the same time President Obama is pushing congressional leaders to pass additional $50B to assist states and local governments. The additional money will be used to keep layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters. I know when the original stimulus bill was passed many, including myself, warned that it was a temporary fix. When will the Obama administration understand that government spending will not bring us out of the recession?

Government needs to re-prioritize their goals. Hamburg faced a threat of losing Local Government Assistance (LGA) from the state of Minnesota in order to balance the budget. After the dust settled, Hamburg did see a cut in LGA funds but not as deep as originally anticipated. The ripple effect we experience is that local governments have become dependent on LGA, the state government dependant on Federal handouts, and where does that leave the Federal government?

I know that people rail against the TEA Party movement for their demands of smaller government. The extra money that Obama is looking for is the exact reason why TEA Party supporters are demanding smaller government. Now, smaller government does not have to mean less government; rather it means smarter government. We cannot sustain the trajectory of government employment, we cannot sustain the trajectory of spending that we have seen over the past four year, and we cannot sustain the trajectory of lost freedoms in a free society. Congress is correct to ignore the extra money Obama is requesting of them. The United States cannot continue to bailout poor financial decisions of all levels of government. Hard choices need to be made and it is time for Americans to demand that of government at every level.