Monday, January 10, 2011

The Blame Game!!!!!

Arizona was the site of a tragic shooting that killed 6 people and wounded another 14 including a member of Congress. Since the moment it was reported that police had a suspect in custody and his identity was divulged the media frenzy to paint him started. I have been involved in several threads on Facebook attempting to get people to give pause as the Left is trying to blame the assassination attempt on the heated rhetoric from the Right and Tea Party members. A common theme has been the Sarah Palin target map of 20 Congress races. Here is the poster in question:



The Left is bashing Palin and other members of the Right as being the catalyst for the attack. Now back in 2004 the Democrats put out this poster in their attempt to take back Congress:


How are these two maps different? It is not uncommon for politicians to "target" certain campaigns by either party. Why is it okay for Democrats to have such a poster but not for Republicans? We need to take pause and a deep breath before we pass any further judgment. Without doing so we will only continue the heated rhetoric and further inject emotion into a rational discussion of why this event took place. By taking pause does not translate into one condoning the attack or lack the empathy for the families of those affected. While we give pause let's include these families into our prayers and allow the investigation to run its course before accessing blame.