Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt uprising: Opportunity for change in America’s Middle East policy?

For the past several days we have watched an escalating situation in Egypt to the point of violence. Many point to pro-Mubarak "thugs" for inciting the violence. Press Secretary Gibbs said yesterday that we need change "now". When Obama took office he toured the Middle East and gave speech after speech trying to reach out to the Muslim world while apologizing for the heavy hand of America. Ironically, now, the same man that railed against prior Middle East policy is trying to influence the situation in Egypt. The protesting in Egypt raises bigger questions as it appears the wind of change is blowing throughout the Middle East. A week back Tunisia saw similar change, earlier this week Jordan dismissed part of their government due to protestors and now Yemen is heating up.

In reading the foreign papers and American papers this week the bogey man has ranged from the CIA to the Muslim Brotherhood. We all understand why President Obama is pushing Mubarak to step aside and why America continues to meddle in the Middle East; oil. Just because a Democrat or a Progressive is in the White House does not change the root reason for America's Middle East foreign policy. If Obama wants a switch to more Western style Democracy in Egypt then allow Mubarak and/or his "party" to run in the September election. What role should the United States take in Egypt and the Middle East?