Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Public Unions: ???

I have not figured out if I favor public unions or see them as a barrier to economic freedom and balanced budgets yet. Our new Governor put out his budget which seeks to tax the "rich" but doesn't really address the spending aspect of the budget. Why is it that we look at revenue more often then we look at spending when trying to balance the budget?

Also, why are there sacred cows, i.e. Teacher pensions, when dealing with budgets? Unions do serve their purpose but not in closed shops. The unions that hold hostage our government is a closed shop. Many unions were upset that the US Supreme Court allowed Corporate interest to donate money to candidates but didn't bat an eye at the fact the same case legitimized Unions to do the same thing.

That being said, there should not be a public/government union. We need to restructure the public union deals and ban the them from being established. The one aspect of our lives that we cannot control or find an alternative to is our government thus Unions should not be party to that process. Wisconsin Unions, namely the teacher union, is all up in arms about the Governor's attempt to dissolve them. Many in the United States have lost their jobs and/or seen their pensions trimmed but not the public unions. Why are they sacred cows?