Monday, April 11, 2011

Hamburg City Council Agenda – April 12, 2011

1. Call City Council Meeting to Order @ 7:00 PM

  • Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Public Comment
    (Individuals may address the City Council about any non-agenda item(s) of concern. Speakers must state their name, address, and limit their remarks to three minutes. The City Council may not take official action on these items and may refer the matter to staff for a future report or direct that the matter be scheduled for a future meeting agenda.)


  1. Agenda Review (Added Items) and Adoption


4. Consent Agenda
(NOTICE TO PUBLIC: All those items listed as part of the Consent Agenda will be approved by a single motion, unless a request to discuss one of those items is made prior to that time. Anyone present at the meeting may request an item to be removed from the consent agenda. Please inform the Council when they approve the agenda for this meeting.)

  • Approve Minutes for March 22, 2011
  • March 2011 Policing Report
  • MnWARN Mutual Aid Agreement
    • Resolution Number 2011-09
  • Blogs Memo (LMC)
  • Xcel Energy Rate Increase Notice
  • Carver County Sheriffs Recognition Night
  • Carver County Public Hearing (Amend Chapter 52)
  • MNSPECT Minute
  • Clarke Mosquito Control 2011 Schedule
  • Mediacom Online Rates
  • February Cash Flow Statement
  • Time-off Request for City Clerk Gruenhagen


5. Fire Department Report – Chief Brad Droege

  • FEMA Grant/US Fish & Wildlife Grant
  • Emergency Services Agreement with Washington Lake Township
  • Severe Weather Awareness Week (April 11-15)
  • Estimate from Ready Watt Electric - Civil Defense Siren Upgrade
  • Playground Equipment for Community Park
    • Border/Materials
    • Sign for Community Park
  • Hamburg Fire Department Officers
    • Selection vs. Election







6. John Douville - City of Cologne

  • To The Service
    • Joint Powers Agreement with City of Cologne
    • Internet Service Provider Agreement (Tower Lease)


7. Shelly Eldridge - Ehlers (City Financial Advisor)

  • Pre-Sale Report for Utility Revenue Bonds
    • Resolution Number 2010-10
  • Utility Rate Study


8. Old City Business (Memo)

  • Current Contract for Garbage Service
    • Spring/Fall Clean Up Date
    • Garbage in Alley
  • RFP for Contracted Garbage Services for Residential/Commercial (Draft)
    • Advertisement (Draft)
    • Letter to Waste Management (Draft)


9. Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewer Improvements Project

  • Private Property Inspections Billing for March 25, 2011
  • Private Property Service Lines (Illegal Connections/Replacement)
  • Project Update
  • Construction Meeting April 13, 2011 @ 9:00 AM


10. Public Works & Utilities Department Report

  • Handicap Bathroom
  • Energy Efficient Lights (Rebates) for City Buildings
  • G&K Contract for Cleaning Supplies
  • Sweep City Streets/Flush Hydrants
  • Estimates for Lift Station Repairs (Replace Brackets for Pumps)
  • Estimates for Generator Inspection (Service)
  • Community Center Sidewalk Repairs
  • Railroad Crossing on Jacob Street
  • City Alleys (Add Rock/Shape Up)
  • City Office Floor Repairs
  • Water Wells Usage/Water Consumption Reports for 2010/2011
  • Project List (Added Items)






11. Deputy/Utility Billing Clerk Report

  • Delinquent Utility Bills Report
    • Delinquent Garbage Billing Report
  • MMCI Conference (July 11-15)
    • MMCI Grant
  • Project List (Added Items)


12. City Clerk/Treasurer Report

  • Five Year Budget Plan (Abdo, Eick & Meyers)
  • Project List (Added Items)


13. Approve Payment of April 2011 Claims


14. City Council Reports

  • Councilmember Mueller Report (Sewer & Water)
  • Councilmember Lund Report (Streets)
  • Councilmember Trebesch Report (Buildings)
  • Councilmember Barnes Report (Parks)
  • Mayor Malz Report


  1. Move to Recess City Council Meeting


  1. Move to Closed Meeting for the Purpose of Employee Evaluations
    [Unless any employee requests an Open Meeting for his/her evaluation. Any Open meeting for Employee Evaluation(s) shall be held prior to any Closed Meeting for Employee Evaluation(s)]


17. Move to Close Closed Meeting for Employee Evaluations


18. Move to Reopen the City Council Meeting


  1. Adjourn City Council Meeting
    (Adjournment of City Council Meeting following completion of Closed Meeting)






















MARCH                 1 – Bongards Creamery

                     5 – Wedding Reception (Farias)



APRIL                    10 – Easter Egg Hunt (Park)

                    15 – Lions Club Ham Bingo

                    16 – Believe in Brandi Benefit










APRIL                     4 – Hamburg Lions Club (Lions/YA Twp. Room)

                     4 – Hamburg Fire Department Training

                     7 – HFD Training

                     8 – Home School Educators

                    12 – Hamburg City Council Meeting – 7:00 PM

                    12 – Young America Township Meeting

                    18 – Hamburg Lions Club

                    25 – Hamburg Fire Dept. (Relief Association) Meeting

                    26 – Hamburg City Council Meeting – 7:00 PM