Monday, November 7, 2011

Deer Camp

Well I have been in the hinter land of Minnesota the past four days. I did hear that we lost Andy Rooney and Frazier. A couple of icons that cannot be replaced. Today I just want to throw out some thoughts from the past four days in the woods. The weekend started out interesting as my dad and I drive up to deer camp we come across a cattle drive. The cattle drive stops traffic, I am still kicking myself for not kicking myself for video taping it with my phone, we had to wait for about 100 cattle pass us before we could move. After setting up the deer stands we ventured to dinner and ate the typical bar fair. Saturday was really windy and mild. A ton of gun shots early but I did not see anything. It wasn't until 12:45 and I was about to fall asleep when I noticed to the southwest of my stand a buck. The buck was slowly moving through the popples with his two spikes atop his head. He paused about 20 feet in front my stand. I had buck fever but I steadied the cross hairs. Took a deep breath, exhaled, and pulled the trigger. Missed. The antler went flying though. The buck didn't know what to do. Jumped the ATV track and went into the woods about 40 yards away. I re-aimed and went to take the shot; dry shot. The cartridge was not all the way in so no re-load.

Had to manual re-load. The buck was still standing. Took the shoot and sliced his neck. The buck jumped then broadsided. I took aim and "click". Again the bullet didn't re-load for me. Manual re-loaded then re-aimed and bang. The buck ran off. Many words were said. After about ten minutes I got down to check for a blood trail. Got to the point where I thought I hit the buck and found nothing. Was thinking how I missed, just before heading back to the stand I found a huge blood splatter on a popple tree. Followed the blood trail to a buck standing tall to which I shot again and dropped him for the final time. A successful deer camp and the family gets another year of venison!