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Hamburg City Council Minutes – May 24, 2011

Mayor Malz called the Hamburg City Council meeting to order at 7:21 p.m. Councilmember John Barnes, Councilmember Larry Mueller, Councilmember Steve Trebesch, Councilmember Chris Lund, City Clerk Jeremy Gruenhagen, Deputy Clerk Sue Block, Maintenance Worker Dennis Byerly, and Fire Chief Brad Droege were in attendance.


Public Comment

  • No one from the public was present.

Agenda Review (Added Items) and Adoption

  • Added – Closing Memorandum General Obligation Public Utility Revenue Bonds
  • Updated – 2030 Transportation and Regional Parks Plan
  • Updated – Project Lists
  • Added – Fire Department Pay Information
  • Updated – Claims List
  • Updated – Delinquency List
  • Councilmember Mueller moved to approve the agenda with the added items, seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Approve Consent Agenda

  • Approve Minutes for May 10, 2011
  • Sanitary & Storm Sewer Project Update No. 8
  • Thank you from the Cub Scouts
  • MN Association of Small Cities Membership Letter
  • Carver County Sheriff's Report - April
  • Councilmember Barnes moved to approve all items listed on the Consent Agenda, seconded by Councilmember Mueller and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present


Fire Department Report


FEMA Grant

  • No new information on the Grant.

US Fish & Wildlife Grant

  • Finishing out this Grant.

DNR Grant

  • Put in for a new Grant

Training Grant

  • Applied for and will receive a State Training Grant. The State will pay $200 per person; Hamburg has 30 Fire Fighters on their roster for a total of $6,000. It is unknown if the five Hamburg Rescue Reserve persons will be included in this grant money.

Regional Grant (Carver County) for Pagers

  • This is continuing. Received the first bill amounting to $150.43 for the E Dispatching, this is for pages coming across the Firefighters cell phones.

Firefighters Charity Chili Cook-Off

  • The Schell's Brewery (New Ulm, MN) put on a Chili Cook-Off for area fire departments to participate in. Hamburg's Fire Department did not do as well as they had hoped however everyone did have a good time.



Ready Watt Electric – Civil Defense Siren Maintenance Program

  • Ready Watt Electric sent in for Councils review a three year contract for preventive maintenance service on the civil defense siren. The cost for the three year maintenance program would be $486 per year.
  • No discussion or decision from Council on whether or not to consider signing the contract.


  • The new hydrants that were installed are higher than the old hydrants. Fire Chief Droege asked if the pipe showing under the hydrants could be painted red so their appearance would look better. One exception would be the fire hydrant by Brad Street and Robert Ave. The hydrant should have a riser installed.
    • Council discussed and decided to have Councilmember Mueller order a riser from MN Pipe (Farmington, MN) and Wm. Mueller and Sons will pick it up.
  • Councilmember Trebesch moved to have Councilmember Larry Mueller order an extension from MN Pipe, Farmington, MN with Wm. Mueller and Sons picking the Hydrant Extension, seconded by Councilmember Mueller and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Fire Department Pay Information

  • Fire Chief Droege briefly commented on the updated Fire Department Pay Information handout and asked Council to look it over.


Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewer Improvements Project


Storm Water Utility Ordinance (Ordinance Number 141)

  • Council will need to decide on the amount they want to set for the Storm Water Utility Fee at the next Council meeting on June 14th. Council will also have to decide if the Storm Water Utility Fee should fund the entire project and/or look at taxes.
  • City Clerk Gruenhagen will work with Greg Kimman (S.E.H.) and City Attorney Mac Willemssen on the correct wording for Ordinance Number 141.

North Ditch Clean Out

  • Council discussed cleaning out the North Ditch and decided not to have it done at this time, maybe at a latter date.

Private Property Service Lines (Illegal Connections/Replacement)

  • Four residents have replaced their connections with approximately 20 left to complete.
  • Council discussed and decided to have City Clerk Gruenhagen send out letters, before June 1st, to residents informing them that a permit must be pulled before replacement work is started. Council also decided not to charge a permit fee.

Update on Construction Meeting held May 24, 2011

  • Hopefully the curb and gutter will be installed Thursday or Friday and the streets paved the following week.
  • Service lines will be televised again to make sure all service connections are holding, not leaking, and on grade.
  • During the meeting it was discussed to have the contractors start cleaning up the areas that were worked on.
  • The garbage on Donald Ave was not picked up because the road was blocked. Chard will be working with Waste Management on having them pick up the garbage or Chard will have to pick it up. Either way Chard will be paying the bill.
  • The digging for the Pond has been delayed again for about two weeks due to the rainy weather.
  • The construction company is looking at eliminating the curb radiuses going into Brian Cummiskey's driveway. This would save the city some money and there is no need for them because a road will not be going through that area.
    • Council decided that if Mr. Cummiskey is ok with eliminating the radiuses then the City would prefer that they are not put in.
  • The Bond closing will be June 2, 2011. Chard has sent in the first payment installment for $304,858.92. This payment is on the claims list to be approved tonight. To cover the payment before the bonds are received on June 2nd $80,000 will need to be moved from savings to checking. Once the bond money is received the money will be moved back into savings. The City auditors have no problem with these transactions.
    • Council discussed and decided to ok the transfers so Chard will get paid this month. A motion to approve the transfers will be made during the approval of the claims list.


Old City Business (Memo)


Handicap Bathroom for Community Hall – Update

  • Framing and the dry wall are completed.
  • Completion date is set for June 2, 2011.
  • Two unisex handicap signs will be ordered to place on the bathroom door and side wall.

Park Sign

  • Council was asked if they would like the lettering on the Community Park sign to be in all capital letters or upper and lower casing.
  • Council discussed and decided to go with the upper and lower case lettering.
  • City Clerk Gruenhagen will place the order.

City Council Meeting Dates for June, July, and August

  • Council discussed and decided to change the monthly City Council meetings from twice a month to once a month for the summer months of June, July, and August. City Clerk Gruenhagen would have the discretion to call another Council meeting if needed.
  • Councilmember Barnes moved to hold one meeting per month for June, July, and August to be held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Motion died due to a lack of a second.
  • Councilmember Mueller moved to hold one meeting per month for June, July, and August to be held on the second Tuesday of each month, seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.
  • The Councils agenda will be delivered on Thursday instead of Friday.

Sidewalk Replacements – Estimates from Chard Tiling & Excavating and Hanson Vasek Construction

  • Estimate for sidewalk replacement on west side of the Community Center.
    • Chard - $2,241.50
    • Hanson & Vasek - $2,499.00
  • Estimate for the area around the Hamburg Fire Department sign and school plaque insert.
    • Chard - $1,328.60
    • Hanson & Vasek - $1,112.00
  • Combined total cost for sidewalk repair by the Community Center.
    • Chard - $3,570.10
    • Hanson & Vasek - $3,611.00
  • Estimate for sidewalk repair along Henrietta Avenue from the alley to Railroad Street.
    • Chard - $5,350
    • Hanson & Vasek - $5,864.00


  • Estimate from alley up to Louisa Street.
    • Chard - $4,600.00
    • Hanson & Vasek - $5,106.00
  • Estimate for construction of 6'x 20'x 8" concrete Apron.
    • Chard - $775
    • Hanson & Vasek - $870
  • Council discussed and decided only to have the east side of the Community Center repaired now and put the other areas on the Wish List.
  • Councilmember Trebesch moved to have Chard Tiling & Excavating, Inc. complete the Fire Hall sidewalk, 67 feet by 6 feet plus the 3 feet by 6 feet and also the 8 feet by 22 feet by 5 inch area by the city sign, school plaque and bell, seconded by Councilmember Mueller and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Energy Efficient Lights (Rebates) for City Buildings

  • Council discussed the estimates from Robb's Electric and Norwood Electric Inc. for replacing the current light fixtures to the new energy efficient lights in the Hall, Community Center, and Fire Department bay area.
  • Council discussed and decided to place this project on the Wish List.

Reclaim & Pave Kim Avenue

  • Council discussed the estimates from Chard Tiling & Excavating, Inc. and Wm. Mueller & Sons to Reclaim & Pave Kim Avenue.
  • Council decided that this repair is a city obligation and have City Clerk Gruenhagen ask Shelly Eldridge (Ehlers Financial Advisor) if any left over Enterprise Funds could be used to pay for this project.

RFP for Contracted Garbage Services for Residential/Commercial

  • The RFP notice for garbage services has been listed in the paper and letters were sent out to Elite Waste Disposal (Jordan, MN), Waste Management, Franck's Sanitation, Randy's Sanitation, and Gaylord.
  • Hamburg's garbage service contract with Waste Management expires July 31, 2011.


Dennis' Report (Public Works & Utilities)


Garage Doors

  • Garage doors have been ordered and safety sensors will be added.

G&K Contract for Cleaning Supplies

  • Maintenance Worker Byerly had no further information on renewing the contract with G&K.
  • Council discussed only renewing the contract for one (1) year not the seven (7) years that are already set in the contract. Maintenance Worker Byerly commented that he will check with the G&K driver if the company would be willing to work with the city on renewing the contract for only one (1) year.

Flush Hydrants

  • Hydrants will be flushed after the construction project is completed.

Replacement of Shed

  • The shed located at 624 Kim Avenue (Glenn Mueller's) has been moved back however it still needs to be leveled.

City Alleys (Add Rock/Shape Up)

  • One alley is left to be shaped up the rest of the alleys are done.

City Office Floor Repairs

  • Stripping and waxing the Community Center floors is on hold until this fall.

Water Wells Usage/Water Consumption Reports for 2010/2011

  • Rural Water will be coming back this fall to check more areas for possible water leaks.
  • There have been no major changes in the usage versus consumption. For the year it is a 23.35% difference which comes out to losing seven (7) gallons of water per minute.
    • Council discussed the possibility that the older water meters may not be reading correctly.

Sewer Reports

  • Mayor Malz requested Maintenance Worker Byerly bring the sewer reports up to the council meeting tonight so he can sign them. The reports should have been mailed last Friday.


Deputy Clerk Report


Delinquent Utility Bills

  • 350 Louisa Street (Foreclosed Property) is now owned by R.V, Holdings. This is a world wide holding company and their policy is not to pay any delinquent bills until the property is sold. A delinquent bill for $142.45 was sent however to the management company for R.V. Holdings.
  • Jon Reed (416 Jacob St) – Paid $330 on May 16, 2011, will try and pay more before the end of the month.
  • 419 Railroad (Nick Nordin) - There was a Sheriff's sale on 01-07-11 and the property is now owned by Wells Fargo.

Nuisance Letter

  • 960 Park Ave (Vacant Home) is still owned by Kim Barstad. A nuisance letter will be sent to have her mow the lawn.
  • There are two abandoned cars parked on the north side of the Car Wash, Ken Bauer's property. According to the Sherriff's department one of the cars has not been registered since 1999. The other car is listed to a person from Glencoe, MN. A nuisance letter will be sent to Ken Bauer to have the vehicles removed.


City Clerk/Treasurer Report


Xcel Energy Saver's Switch

  • Council discussed signing up for Xcel's Energy Saver's Switch Program that could possible save the city on its summer electricity bills. Council decided to sign up for the program.

Water Tower Replacement

  • Council discussed and decided to add replacing the cities water tower to the Wish List. The current water tower was installed in 1941.

Utility Rate Study/Five Year Budget Plan

  • Estimates were received from Ehlers and Abdo, Eick & Myers.
    • Ehlers estimated total cost - $9,500.
      • $3,000 – Water Utility
      • $3,000 – Sewer Utility
      • $3,500 – Storm Water Utility
    • Abdo, Eick & Meyers – $3,000 for a five year study and for an additional $5,000 they would incorporate all city activities into the plan.
  • PFA requires a Utility Rate Study be done for the Storm Sewer PFA funding.
  • City Clerk Gruenhagen suggested going with Abdo, Eick & Meyers for one they are cheaper and two see what they would charge for the Storm Sewer debt to project it out until the debt is paid not just the Five Year Study.
  • Council discussed and will make a decision at the next Council meeting on June 14, 2011.

Employee Job Descriptions

  • A committee was set up to review the employee job descriptions and report back to the other Council members at the June 14th meeting with any changes, additions, or deletions.
    • Committee members are Councilmember Chris Lund, Councilmember Steve Trebesch, and City Clerk Jeremy Gruenhagen.

Project List

  • #10 – Ask Xcel Energy if there would be a reduction in billing if the City used its generator during peak electrical usage.
    • Council discussed and decided that as long as the City is signing up for the Energy Saver's Switch program this could be taken off the list. No need to pursue any further.

Met Council – 2030 Transportation Plan and Park Plan

  • Ann Perry (City Planner) reviewed Met Council's 2030 Comprehensive Plan and did not see any inconsistencies between Met Councils plan and the City of Hamburg's 2030 Plan. Therefore, the City of Hamburg does not need to propose any amendments to their existing Comprehensive Plan.


Approve Payment of May 2011 Claims


Approve Payment of May 2011 Claims

  • Added – Payment to Jerome Bergman for cleaning out the north ditch in the amount of $600 check number 15059.
  • City Clerk Gruenhagen requested Councils approval to transfer $80,000 from the Cities saving account to checking account. This transfer would cover the payment to Chard Tiling and Excavating in the amount of $304,858.92, check number 15041, until receipt of the Bond proceeds are received on June 2, 2011. Once the Bond proceeds are received then the $80,000 would be transferred back to savings.
  • Councilmember Trebesch moved to approve transfer of $80,000 from the Cities saving account to the General Fund. Then when the City receives the Bond proceeds the $80,000 will be transferred back to the Cities saving account, seconded by Councilmember Barnes and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.
  • Councilmember Mueller moved to approve the four ACH payments and check number 15012 through check number 15059, seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.


City Council Reports


Councilmember Mueller (Sewer & Water)

  • Councilmember Mueller commented that he wants Maintenance Worker Byerly to fix the curb stops that are not working especially the one at 419 Railroad Street.
  • Councilmember Mueller will be unable to attend the June 2nd ACCEL meeting and asked if any other council member would be interested in attending.
    • Councilmember Chris Lund agreed to attend.
  • Councilmember Mueller asked if anyone remembers who the farmer was that contracted with the City of Hamburg to bail the grass out at the Lagoons.
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen will check into this and get back to Council.

Councilmember Lund (Streets)

  • A number of residents have complained to him about the flooding at the corner of Park Ave and Brad. If this happens again he will advise the residents to contact the construction company (Chard) directly with their complaints.

Councilmember Trebesch (Buildings)

  • Councilmember Trebesch volunteered to close the pond gate on Saturday, June 18th.

Councilmember Barnes (Parks) – Had nothing further to report.

Mayor Malz – Had nothing further to report


Councilmember Mueller moved to adjourn the Hamburg City Council meeting at 9:10 p.m., seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present






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