Thursday, September 27, 2012

NFL - Referee Experiment is Over!!!

Fans, coaches, players and anyone else can stop their dribble and light their heads out of their Cheerios this morning as the NFL and striking referees have agreed on a deal. While the referee union won't ratify the agreement til Friday the regular referees will be back on the field this evening for the Browns/Ravens game.

For the past two days all we heard about was the blown calls made in the final drive of the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers game. Did the replacement referees blow three critical calls in the final drive? Sure. Just because we will be getting back the regular referees doesn't mean calls will be blown as well. Maybe not as blatant but I will argue, as will others, that the referees blew the call when Charles Woodsen lit up Tom Brady in the playoffs and forced a fumble that later became known as the "Tuck" rule. Even our favorite referee Ed Hochuli blew the call that cost the Denver Broncos a win a few years back. Or not to mention the botched coin flip in the Dallas Cowboy game.

Remember folks there is a reason why we have instant reply and the regular referees were no quick users of this process either. I just wonder if this now will result in more penalties called on the Oakland Raiders. While it is good to see the regular referees back in action don't be fooled that they are immune to blown calls.

As an the rest of the NFL knows how Raider fans felt with the "tuck" rule!