Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Presidential Debate Eve!!!!

Tomorrow night President Obama and Governor Romney will square off in the first in a series of Presidential debates. A lot of rhetoric has already taken place from Romney taking about 47 % to Obama claiming that Washington cannot be fixed from the inside. Per an NBC/WSJ poll recently conducted, 40% of those polled view the debates as "important" which may impact voting come November.

On my way to get my eldest son I was listening to POTUS on Sirius radio, one of the benefits to owning a new Ford Focus, and the gentleman on - show ended at 5 pm - was having people call in and say what questions do they want to see from this debate asked of the candidates. Now I am new to this channel on Sirius radio but the host, for the fifteen minutes I listened, appeared to be fair and balanced. That is not to say he was a Fox News anchor just that he seemed to be middle of the road on the partisan spectrum.

The debate tomorrow night will be moderated by Jim Lehrer and it will take place in Denver, Colorado. The main topic or theme of the night is to be the economy, health care and governing. Interestingly enough no topic will touch on gun control. That being said, here are some questions I'd like to see asked of the candidates based on the topics mentioned above. To be brief I will keep them to a top ten style list.

  1. With spending at 26% of GDP and current revenues at 14% of GDP when historically revenues are between 16-18% of GDP - what plans do you have to erase the 8-10% gap between current spending levels and historically average revenue levels?
  2. Since both of you have successfully passed mandated health care, can either you of you provide proof that it bent the cost curb of medical expenses?
  3. The current deficit is projected to hit $16T by the end of 2012, what will you do as President to cut the deficit in half over the next 4 years?
  4. England is starting to see a shortage of qualified doctors due the rate of reimbursement and pay scales set forth under their Universal health care, what assurances do we have that a similar vacuum of talent won't take place here in the United States?
  5. The Supreme Court upheld the Constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act based on Congresses ability to tax. How can Congress use the tax code to curb unwanted pregnancies or reduce our carbon footprint?
  6. We hear a lot of Presidential candidate tout that they will reform/change Washington D.C. What criteria will you employ as President to ensure lobbyist or special interest groups are not part of your Cabinet, advisors or staff?
  7. The US Constitution established three separate but equal branches of Government - How will you as President use Executive Privilege to ensure equality among the three branches?
  8. Unemployment sits above 8% and the number of people actively looking for work has declined by over 500,000 people - What is your plan to get the American workforce back to work?
  9. For the past year we have reduced they payroll tax by 3% resulting in $105B no longer going into the SSN coffers. People in the 40's are already being told that they can expect 70% of the benefit at retirement age - What plans do you have to ensure solvency of SSN for future generations?
  10. A study was done in Minnesota to see if a hospital could sustain itself on Medicare patients alone last year. The conclusion was that it couldn't. Now the Affordable Health Care Act looks to reduce reimbursement rates for Medicare patients seen. How do you propose hospital and clinics recoup lost revenues without changing level of care or raising the cost of health care for those of us not using Medicare?
Those would be ten questions I'd like to see answered. What questions would you like to see asked?