Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After

Last night ended early with Ohio being declared in President Obama's bucket even though the vote totals were separated by less than 1,000 votes. Not much later after that Virginia went the way for President Obama and it no longer mattered the outcome of Ohio. The Democrats picked up a couple seats in the Senate while the Republicans retained control over the House of Representatives. In the end, the two major political parties spent $5.8 billion and the status quo is maintained. Now what will happen?

Will we get more of the same or will our elected officials finally get down to brass tacks to hammer out legislation that is a compromise of both sides of the aisle?

In the State of Minnesota neither amendment passed and it will be up to the State Legislature in the next session to iron out these issues. Whether or not your candidate won or lost, if you participated in the process by going out and voting then you did something that not everyone in the world gets to do; choose those that represent them!

Now, that the silly season is over let's have fun watching the quagmire in Washington D.C. and see if President Obama can finally earn that Nobel Peace Prize he was given last time around.