Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day!!!

Well here we are again in the month of November and on the first Tuesday of the month. It is time to vote. Being in the hinterlands of Minnesota the past four days allotted me the luxury of not hearing the last second smear tactics of the two major parties and allowed me time to reflect on all the candidates out there. Remember that other candidates will be on the ballot outside of President Obama and Governor Romney.

So, if you are in a state that is solidly red or blue then use your sacred right to vote for a candidate that reflects your beliefs, thoughts, and direction for this country as one will often find that the Democrat or Republican candidate is a lessor of two evil decision. Not to mention the fact that if a third or fourth party candidate can garner enough support they too will be able to be on the national stage with our current two-party system.

In the end, make sure you get out and vote. The state of Minnesota has a couple of extra bonus votes this  year in addition to electing our Representatives. We get to vote on amending our State Constitution.

First we have the Voter ID Amendment that would require all Minnesotans wishing to cast a vote in any election to provide a government issued ID to do so. A YES vote makes this requirement a NO vote doesn't add it to the State Constitution.

Second we have the Marriage Amendment that proposes to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. A YES vote puts it into our State Constitution, a NO vote doesn't put into our State Constitution.

While the first Amendment should be a slam dunk for everyone as it improves our process by using current technology to ensure our process is free of error. The second Amendment isn't as cut and dry; at least not for me. The reason I don't see it as cut and dry is because the concept of marriage is a rite of passage within ones religious dogma and is not a right nor should it be considered a right that the government ought to define.

In the end, again, get out and vote and if there is any indicator that has been more accurate on the Presidential stage..one can skip that vote because the Redskins lost on Sunday which means that Governor Romney wins.