Thursday, December 27, 2012

Middle Class Unite!!!!

Middle Class of the United States it is time to unite against the tyranny of the political elite. Right now Congress, the GOP led US House of Representatives and the Democratic led US Senate, are using us as a ping pong ball in their debate on  the fiscal cliff. The "rich" are being asked to "pay their fair share" as our debt that rises above $16 trillion while our yearly budget adds another $1 trillion a year. Increasing the tax rate on the "rich" brings in another $80 billion if the Democrats get their way. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that $80 billion in tax revenue from the "rich" each year doesn't make up for the $1 trillion in extra spending taking place today. Without a balanced budget we will continue to add to the deficit. Without a budget that spend's less then it revenues we will never reduce the $16 trillion debt that has been amassed thus far. 

Where do Americans think the difference will be made up? That's right, the difference will be made up on the backs of the Middle Class. The political elite view the Middle Class as mindless drones; well it is time for that to stop. It is time for the Middle Class to rise up and make their voice heard. Today it is the "rich" paying their fair share and tomorrow it will be the Middle Class "sharing" in the struggle or it will be our "patriotic duty". The GOP and the Democrats play us to score political points knowing that we will do little to threaten their status as the political elite. That time has come to an end. 

Middle Class it is time to shed ourselves of our GOP, Democrat, Tea Party, Coffee Party, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian and Progressive labels for the label of Middle Class. Other Third Parties have attempted to make headway into the Two Party system but they have too far Right or too far Left. Well, Middle Class America it is our time. The biggest fear of the political elite is that the Middle Class will wake up, step away from the bar stool and think with a clear head about their role in America.

Join me in the formation of a new political party; the Middle Class Party. We need to organize now before the "rich" are no longer around to buffer us from the tax code and the spending glutton of the political elite is extended to the point of no return. The political elite talk about the fiscal cliff and Thelma and Louise. Let's make the fiscal cliff debacle and the debt ceiling debate the two party system Waterloo.