Sunday, December 2, 2012

Suicide is never the Answer!

Yesterday a tragic event took place in the NFL. A linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs took the life of his girlfriend then Jovan Belcher went to the practice facility and took his own life. Now, as I watch the pregame programming on ESPN, CBS and Fox a lot has been said about how tragic it is that former Chiefs linebacker took his own life. The only person that I have heard to this point that actually got the story into perspective was on ESPN when former Denver Bronco Tom Jackson articulated that former Chiefs linebacker killed someone and that due to his murder and death that there will be a little girl without her mom and dad.

Tom Jackson hit the nail on the head of where my frustration has been with the coverage of this event. Apparently, the NFL gave the Chiefs until 9:30 pm last night to decide if they wanted to play this game in light of recent events. Coach Romeo and the Chiefs GM were eye witnesses to the former Chiefs linebacker's cowardly act as he walked away from them and shot himself as the police were rolling up on the scene. The focus of this story shouldn't be on the former Chiefs linebacker; rather it should be focused on Kasandra Perkins, 22 year old, that had her life ended prematurely.

The two, the former Chiefs linebacker and Perkins, had a three month old girl. THREE months old. Imagine the questions this little girl is going to have as she grows up without her parents. I am sure more information will come out in the coming days to soften the suicide of the former Chiefs linebacker as that is the nature of our society. The focus should be on the fact that suicide is never the answer. Take a moment today to do a person inventory and realize that life is short enough. Talk to your kids, your family and your friends today about the importance of life and that suicide doesn't impact the coward that takes their own life as it does those that are left to deal with it. My prayers go out to Perkins family and to Kasandra's three month old daughter.

In full disclosure on why I view suicide in the nature that I do. I once was in Romeo's shoes.