Sunday, March 2, 2014

Embrace the news!

Last week President Obama announced that he is looking to reduce the military force troop levels to levels below those prior to World War I. Since that announcement I am shocked that real Conservatives don't see this as an opportunity to promote the US Constitution. Instead they are out there complaining that President Obama is going to hurt our readiness.

Stop, pause, take a breath! President Obama is handing real Conservatives a gift here. For decades our State National Guards have been at the mercy of the President. Remember we are a collection of States that have seen their Rights eroded since the ratification of the United States Constitution. The time is now to regain those Rights given the States in the 10th Amendment.

Governors, Senators and House of Representatives its time to pass legislation that brings back the control of the National Guard. Then it is time to exploit the 2nd Amendment by keeping readiness in the expansion of the National Guard and Militia's within our States. When a President comes calling for our National Guard or Militia we will then have the ability as a State to say - Yes or No.

Allow the President's Budget and the cuts to take place in exchange for giving the States back control of the deployment of the National Guard and Militias. Real Conservatives ought to pick up this mantra. By picking up this mantra, States will regain control of a Right they were given to start with and we gain more standing for the 2nd Amendment.