Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Now it begins

On Monday one of President Clinton's skeleton's came out of the closet. I know it is not really a skeleton since it was his famous line, "I did not have sexual intercourse" that lead to his impeachment trial. Granted his impeachment wasn't about his affair, as that was nothing new to the Clinton camp, but his lying to a grand jury. I love listening to the pundits speculate why Monica Lewinsky is coming forth after 10 years of silence. And to Vanity Fair of all rags.

It is a simple. There is no secret that President Clinton's infidelity irked First Lady Clinton but it was part of being with Bubba. Now that former Secretary of State Clinton is likely to hold the cards for the Democrat nomination for 2016 there are still a few small camps that don't like the Clinton's and that is why Monica is coming out.

Monica is coming out to help sully former Secretary of State Clinton's chances to be the Democrat nominee. While the Democrats would love nothing better than to check the box of nominating a female, far too many people in the Democrat party are tired of the Clinton's. Looks like another female will be the nominee in 2016; Elizabeth Warren?