Monday, July 28, 2014

The Cusp of Anarchy

North Korea announced that if the United States continued it's operations in the area they are going to launch nukes on the White House and the Pentagon. President Putin has provided resources to help pro-Russians in their Civil War in Ukraine. The Israeli's and Palestinians escalated their Civil War to ground troops invading the Gaza Strip. And the United States struggles to keep her boarders secure while floating the notion of impeaching the President.

Since World War II the United States has been on the aggressive to contain the expansion of Communism. Trouble the aggression created is developing an entitlement mentality of other world wannabe powers and the loss of diplomacy. Once the Berlin Wall feel and it was clear the United States was the Last Super Power emboldened other wannabe powers to attempt to exert their beliefs. Many were upset when Sen. Obama mentioned that he would sit down with other world dictators - friends and foes - after being elected President.

We now face the Dark Ages of Diplomacy. American society is not interested in electing a President or any Washington D.C official based on their vision of America or the ability to bring diplomacy to the position. Rather American society has allowed the Two-party system to lead us down this road. To help pave the road, the media plays the role of puppet and marionette to the ideological play written by the Two-party puppet masters.

When a one or a group of people attempt to bring enlightenment to the Dark Ages, they are demonized by one side and Co-op by the other. Tea Party for the Right and Occupiers for the Left. To ensure that no new group gains a foothold the media aids in fanning the flames of demonization. Unfortunately, far to many in American society will drink in the kool aid of which ever side they feel connected with as the unabated truth about the other side without actually investigating it themselves.

The United States was founded on the belief that "all men were created equal". Granted not all laws applied equally from the onset but the United States has made great strides in including more people in forming the future of the freest nation in the World. While no government is perfect, nor will one ever be, but American society has the luxury knowing that one holds the keys to their future not afforded the vast majority of the rest of the World.

Evidence of the luxury of American society is the emboldened illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are here in the United States protesting for "Rights", using taxpayer dollars, obtaining driver licenses, and taking advantage of a liberal welfare system. Now, a rush of children are pounding our Southern border in reaction to an executive order issued by President Obama that gave hope to these illegal immigrants of Amnesty.

While we are a Nation of Immigrants, there becomes a time when a Nations identity shifts to the Nation itself. For decades the United States used quotas to stem the tide of immigrants to the shores. Unfortunately, after the spread of Communism became a real threat following World War II the quota system started to erode and refugee status became the new system. The refugee system is fueling the entitlement mentality of the World.

The United States refugee system has allowed these groups to transplant without laying the expectation beforehand of assimilation. The Germans, Irish, Dutch, Swedes, Fins, etc..all understood the concept of assimilation. The result of not laying out this expectation beforehand will be Anarchy inside of the United States. Once that Anarchy comes to a head, that will be the time American society true enemies will come. When they come, we will be to focused on the infighting created by the Two-party system and promoted by the media.

America society is only a few months away from going back to the polls to vote for mid-term elections. Take time to inventory those candidates on the ballot, take time to inventory your role in allowing the Dark Ages to continue, take time to inventory your responsibility to assimilation. Then make sure you pull the lever for the candidate that will ensure a Nation that continues the luxury.