Friday, August 8, 2014

Social Media Experiment - August 12th Primary Day

On Tuesday, August 12th, Minnesotans will be going to the polls to vote in primaries. I live in Minnesota District 47A where there will be two GOP candidates facing off in a primary and one DFL candidate in that primary. Unsure what the ballot for the Independent looks like at this point. Here is my experiment for social media - granted I am not utilizing social media to the fullest as I will only be posting here on, Facebook and Linked In - to see how many write in primary votes I can garner for Minnesota District 47A. If you live in Minnesota District 47A please write my name in. And if you don't live in Minnesota District 47A please share this with someone that does so they may write in my name as well.

I look forward to seeing how this social media experiment will play out and the ripple effect it may have in future primary and elections.