Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What can be learned from Robin Williams?

The gruesome details of Robin Williams suicide is well documented. The suicide now catapults depression onto the front page and the trending topic on Facebook and Twitter. A relative of mine posted an article,, on their Facebook page with the plea of "we need to raise suicide awareness. Hopefully this tragic loss will help to raise the awareness and help our loved ones and have a few less loses." The author, of the link above, writes, "Suicide is a decision made out of desperation, hopelessness, isolation and loneliness."

Suicide being a selfish act was a mantra I carried the banner for. In fact a few of my past blog posts calls out suicide as a selfish act. Since that point, my view on suicide has shifted from it being a selfish act to cowardice act. Life is short enough. Darkness is all around us with the singular goal of dragging us to the depths of despair. Salvation and strength is given us all in the spark that burns within us all. In my response to my relatives posting, I agree that "the author is accurate that many make it out about the survivors as they lay claim to a selfish act."

People, like my relative (bless her soul), want to use Robin Williams suicide as another example to promote suicide awareness. To which I am fully behind and engaged. Allowing the acceptance of suicide as an option in life does a disservice to all those in dark places. Why do we allow this to take place?

Brutally open and honest conversation is avoided with emotional matters which leads to lip service to causes like suicide awareness. Every day time ought to be set aside to reflect. It can be five minutes, a hour or longer. The bottom line is to take inventory of the day and of oneself. Yet, if one holds a view of the cowardice act suicide is, one is labeled an insensitive jerk! Really?

As I posed to those viewing the thread on my relatives page, "You say I am an insensitive jerk, yet I am willing to discuss the topic for what it is. Who is really being insensitive to those with depression? The one that sees suicide as an out or one that recognizes the spark within gives us the strength to come out of the darkness?"

The Light within all contains the strength to pull anyone from the deepest depths of Hades. The climb make take a day, a week, a month or years. The end goal ought to be to give those within the darkness the tools and support to make the climb instead of saying their is another way. The pain will be eternal when suicide is chosen and the Light will not ascend. Allow the Light to shine through and salvation will be obtained.