Saturday, March 28, 2009

Congress Double Standard

In his Friday column on MSNBC website titled “The Magic Circle”, NBC Political Director Chuck Todd points out a troubling reason why Congress may not be so eager to do the job elected to do. The decision of taking PAC money from TARP fund recipients may be the first bi-partisan action taken by Congress. Chuck Todd did point out that Barney Frank nor Nancy Pelosi accepted funds, as of February, rather their national committee did. If Congress is willing to pass legislation that violates the US Constitution, why then is it okay for them to accept PAC money from companies that accepted TARP funds?

Check out Chuck Todd’s column; see below, to determine if your Representative or Senator has hit the list. Frankly, I am a bit shocked that Chuck Todd is posting Democratic names since Friday morning on Morning Joe, a show that airs on MSNBC, was only naming Republicans until the Joe Scarborough, host, and noted that Democrats were involved as well.