Thursday, March 26, 2009


A conversation prompts my entrance into the blog world. For a time now, I have kept rants, concepts, and points of discussion to a select few within my network. Many within the network have encouraged and demanded stoppage of my correspondance for various reasons. To lend a broader forum and reach out to the intellectuals, The Hamburg Post has been born.

I reside, with my family, in the small hamlet called Hamburg on the outskirts of Carver County in the great state of Minnesota. The family unit is non-traditional, yet it may be, consisting of my wife and four children (mine, hers, and ours). After graduating from Minnetonka High School I traveled to the Grand Forks, ND where I attended the University of North Dakota. After graduating for UND, with assistance from the 1997 Great Flood, traveled back to the Twin Cities to pursue employment.

After a stint in the Casino Gaming Industry I moved onto the world of Industrial Diversified's. During that time, in the Industrial Diversified realm, I earned my MBA and Green Belt in Six Sigma.

Now the question comes, what topic of public sway to address first. Stay tuned to find out and participate.