Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: The Year that Americans take back the United States of American?

Today is December 31, 2009 and many within the land will be partaking in the annual New Year's Eve party. No matter the location one is at, many will be throwing out the old and ringing in the new. Several of us will make resolutions with the plan to follow through with them. As we watch the ball drop, count down 2009, and usher in 2010 prepare yourself for what lies ahead. America has several concerns before her shores but the biggest concern America faces' heading into 2010 is from our elected officials and the special lobbyists that control them. 2010 needs to mark the year that Americans stand up to their elected officials and take back the United States from their money hungry lobbyists and place freedom, liberty, and the United States Constitution on the front burner.

Shed your ideology. Challenge those that turn to government for answers and solutions to their situations in life. 2010 needs to be a time when Americans reverse the tide of bigger government and out of control spending. Congress, namely the Senate, before leaving on the December break passed a resolution that allowed the Fed to increase the debt ceiling. Essentially our Senators said to the Fed, "Go ahead, and print more money because we have more spending initiatives in 2010." Accountability of our elected officials has been replaced by apathy and acceptance that government is the answer. That is evident with the historic election of Barak Obama. Barak Obama promised transparency. Barak Obama promised that he'd not sign a bill with pork or pet projects included. Barak Obama said he would not surround himself with former lobbyist. All of these things he has gone back on.

Now, Barak Obama is not alone. Many in our Congress were in Congress when warnings were being made by highly educated people that the housing and financial markets were being propped up and a bubble was on the horizon. Now, these same members of Congress are attempting to be front and center to say they have the answer. Really? Can we as Americans accept this blindly? No. We need to stand up to government and demand a leaner and smaller government. It is time that our President stands up to the lobbyist, to Congress, and the World and say that we will no longer bend to the will of others. Tell Congress that I will not sign a bill that is not free of pork and has been fully vetted. When Congress comes back, Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi will meet in conference, with others, to hammer out merge of the House and Senate versions of the health care reform.

President Obama can send a strong signal to Congress by demanding that all conference committee meetings be aired on C-Span and any discussions on merging the health care bills be done in the public eye. That is the type of transparency Obama ran on and that many elected him to bring to Washington. So as you sip your drink of choice this evening and usher in 2010, prepare yourself and commit yourself to bring accountability to government. As our Founding Fathers did, it will take a grassroots campaign to bring about a smaller government and restore the freedoms that have been eroded slowly since the first session of Congress over 200 years ago. Happy New Year!!!

As an aside, The Hamburg Post is hearing a rumor that a special guest blogger will be kicking off 2010. Be safe and, again, Happy New Year!!!!