Friday, February 5, 2010

Minnesota State Legislative Session is a foot

The Minnesota State Legislature kicked off a new session yesterday. The session will be interesting as the Democrats look to press lame duck Governor Pawlenty on several issues facing the state. The main push by the DFL appears to be, at least early on, for job creation and higher education. Yesterday the DFL party unveiled a $1 billion public works proposal that has many on the other side of the aisle shaking their heads. A claim by the DFL is that the proposal will add 10,000 new jobs while the Republicans contend these jobs will be only temporary. If what the Republicans say is true about the temporary job creation, why would any rational person vote for such a bill when Minnesota is already facing a $1.2 billion deficit?

When I think of job creation my thoughts drift to sustainable and permanent jobs not temporary work. Granted some of the temporary work may lead to permanent employment but let's think wisely before we through around tax payer money. My hope is that the Minnesota State Legislature will learn from the mistakes of the Congress and the Obama Administration that government intervention is not the answer to sustained growth in the economy or the job market. Yesterday there was an article in the Star Tribune that discussed the windmills that dot the metro area and attempted to answer the question: Why are they not spinning?

While I agree that looking for alternative fuel sources is a good thing, we need to be smart about the choices pursued. The trouble with the windmills is that they were not properly outfitted for Minnesota Winters. That lack of thought boggles my mind. If the Minnesota State Legislature is serious about job creations then craft legislation that opens the door for nuclear energy. I understand that the Carter law has put a moratorium on new nuclear plants and the reusing of spent rods to which I say, "So what." We must take care of Minnesotans first and lead the way for other states to have the courage to stand up for their Constitutional rights as states.

I challenge the Minnesota State Legislature to fight for state rights and enact legislation that opens the way for more nuclear power plants in Minnesota. Previously I blogged about the job creation one new plant brings to a community. Not only will it bring new jobs to communities and Minnesota but it will also bring renewable energy as well. A renewable energy source that is cheaper per kilowatt than solar and wind combined. Does that not make sense? We are able to kill two birds with one stone; we create thousands of jobs and establish a green source of energy.

For those that live in Minnesota, please take time to contact your representative and express your concerns. If you do not know who your representative is start here to find out: Also check back to that website to keep tabs on your representative as I will be. A goal of mine this year is to interject more local politics into the blog too.