Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday: Saints vs. Colts

It is about 2:45 pm on Super Bowl Sunday and the coverage of the big game is already wearing thin. The Colts are, per Vegas, a 5 point favorite yet Madden Sports simulation earlier this week predicted that the Saints will win the game. The Madden Sports simulation has been right 5 out of the last 6 Super Bowls. I read that Obama picked the Colts as well. We all know that Obama has not had a great track record as of late so does that mean the Saints will win? MSNBC is predicting that the Colts will win 28-20. I am hoping for a higher scoring game. It will be great if the score is 103-100 in triple overtime.

What are the thoughts of others? Who will win the Super Bowl? Will Manning get a second ring or will Brees prove that the Saints offense can compete with anyone? Or will the defenses show up for the big game and we will see a 10-7 ball game? Kickoff is set for 5:20 pm CST with the Who performing at halftime. Will you be watching the game for the game or for the commercials? I know that I talked to a lot of Vikqueen fans and many of them, almost 70%, are hoping that the Colts destroy the Saints. I am going with the conspiracy angle and say the Saints win 49-42 with the winning touchdown set up by a phantom pass interference call.