Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare is a tax!!

SCOTUS ruled on ObamaCare today. 

Chief Justice Roberts joined the four other left leaning justices to agree that Congress has the ability to mandate every American must purchase health care or risk being "taxed". All Justices, except for Ginsberg, agreed that the mandate fails and is unconstitutional based on the limited powers the Commerce Clause places on Congress.

A TAX! Back in 2009 in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, President Obama asserted that Stephanopoulos was making up words by calling the health care mandate a tax.

During the three day questioning earlier this year, it was Justice Kagan had to help the Solicitor General through the tough questioning to get out the fact that the mandate is a tax.

What is next? What new tax will Congress place upon us to mandate us do something? Here is an example. Democrats fought hard to require health insurance companies to be required to provide free birth control to all women even if it violated ones religious beliefs or tenets. The Affordable Care Act also established a non-elected governance board that will make decisions on what will be covered and not. Environmentalists have argued that the worlds food supply is not enough to sustain the current population. What prevents Congress now from passing a "tax" for each additional child one has past the first born? Or What prevents Congress from passing a "tax" that requires all adults to be sterilized after the first or second child?

The Chief Justice's decision to consider this a tax has opened Pandora's Box of the use of a tax to mandate Americans to do or not to do something.