Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hamburg City Council Minutes - April 24,2012

Hamburg City Council Meeting
April 24, 2012

Mayor Malz called the Hamburg City Council meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. Councilmember John Barnes,
Councilmember Larry Mueller, Councilmember Steve Trebesch, Councilmember Chris Lund, City Clerk
Jeremy Gruenhagen, Deputy Clerk Susan Block, Maintenance Worker Dennis Byerly, and Fire Chief Brad
Droege were in attendance. Rich Schug (Baseball Team), Brian Eggers (Parkside Tavern), and Jacci Harms
(Cub Scout Pack 361) were in attendance.

Public Comment
  • No Public Comments were made.
Agenda Review (Added Items) and Adoption

  • Added – Updated Claims List
  • Added – Updated Delinquent Utility Bills Report
  • Added – Chaska Town Hall meeting; Drugs, Community & Family
  • Added – Mediacom Channel Update
  • Added under Maintenance Report: Estimate from Laurel Builders for removal and installation of door
  • Added under Public Works: Jason Buckentin driveway
  • Councilmember Barnes moved to approve the agenda with the added items, seconded by Councilmember Mueller and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present. Note: City Clerk Gruenhagen asked Council if they wanted NYA Chamber email notices added to the Consent Agenda or if forwarding the notices to City Council by email was sufficient.
  • Council agreed that forwarding the NYA email notices would be fine, no need to print.

Approve Consent Agenda

  • Payable 2012 Property Tax Distribution Dates
  • Fiber Optic Project Status Update
  • Potential Refunding of Existing Bonds (Ehlers)
  • Taste of NYA
  • NYA WTP Open House
  • Medicine Take-Back Day – April 28th 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • NYA Citywide Garage Sale Days
  • January/February Cash Flow Statements
  • Delinquent Utility Bills Report
  •  Employee Project Lists
  • Time Off Request for Jeremy Gruenhagen
  • Councilmember Lund moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Councilmember Mueller and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Fire Department Report – Chief Brad Droege

  • Sibley County Mutual Aid Agreement for Emergency Management
    • Council discussed Sibley County’s request to provide or receive mutual aid between the City of Hamburg and Sibley County. City Council agreed to sign the agreement.
    • Councilmember Lund made a motion to adopt the Sibley County Mutual Aid Agreement for Emergency Management, seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.
  • Fire Department Instructor Conference
    • Fire Chief Droege updated Council on the FDIC Conference that he and Mayor Malz attended in Indianapolis, IN. Chief Droege commented it was a very informational conference and he suggested that other Hamburg Fire Fighters should attend the next conference.
  • Memorial for Public Servants (Protective Services) Update
    • Chief Droege updated Council on the progress of the Public Servants Memorial.
    • Two new trash receptacles were purchased and paid for by the City however the Memorial fund will reimburse the City.
    • The draft listing the names to be engraved on the granite plaque was sent back for name spelling corrections. The plaque should be available for installation in the next two weeks.
  • Pump Test withWaconia
    • Pump testing of the fire trucks was completed and no known repairs were needed.
  • Fire Department Training
    • The Fire Department is going through grain elevator rescue training. About $2,000 worth of equipment should be purchased for elevator rescue. Fire Chief Droege is trying to obtain the money from various companies to help pay for the needed equipment.
  • Wm. Mueller & Sons Street Repair
    •  At the last Council meeting Council decided to have Wm. Mueller & Sons repair some of the City streets for $4,500. The repair went over the projected estimate by $560. Additional unforeseen repairs were needed.
  • National Night-Out Meeting
    • A meeting to discuss National Night-Out will be held next Tuesday, May 1st, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center.
  • Trench by Electric Sign
    • Council asked Wm. Mueller & Sons to patch the trench by the electric sign, fill has already been added.

Richard Shug – Hamburg Baseball Club

  • Hamburg Baseball Club will be hosting the Summer Baseball Tournament with Green Isle on June 21st to 24th. Rich Schug informed Council that they will be allowing limited camping, Friday & Saturday nights, at the ball parks this year. The bathrooms will remain open and their stand will close an hour or an hour and half after the last game or at midnight, which ever comes first. A person(s) from the Lions Club will be staying all night, Friday and Saturday, at the camping sites to monitor the noise level and to be there if any issues arise.

Brian Eggers – Parkside Tavern

  • Brian Eggers requested three (3) 3.2 liquor license for the following events.
    • Kickball Tournament at the Park on May 5th.
    • Pool Tournament Fund Raiser headed by Brian Droege at the Park on May 19th.
    • Parkside 1st Annual Yard Olympics on July 21st.
  • Councilmember Barnes moved to approve three (3) 3.2 liquor licenses for the events to be held on May 5th, May 19th, and July 21st, seconded by Councilmember Mueller and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Jacci Harms – Cub Scout Troop 361

  • Jacci Harms from Cub Scout Troop 361 requested the use of the City Park on August 15, 2012 with the rental fee waved.
  • Councilmember Barnes moved to approve Cub Scout Troop 361 the use of the City Park with no rental fee charge on August 15, 2012, seconded by Councilmember Lund and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Old City Business

  • Purchase Tables for Community Center
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen will be ordering the tables.
  • Estimate for Sidewalk Replacement – Henrietta Ave.
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen asked the City Attorney if Council had to take the lowest submitted estimate to replace the sidewalk along Henrietta Ave. City Attorney Mac Williemssen stated if the City is only obtaining estimates (not sealed bids) the lowest bid does not have to be accepted but Council should have a reason why the lowest bid was not taken.
    • Mayor Malz questioned if the damaged curbs around town could be fixed.
      • Council discussed and decided to check on the cost first.
  • Estimates for Residing Food Stand (Park)
    • Pat Shanahan is checking into what the warranty of the cement board is. Mr. Shanahan is also checking on prefinished colors to match the other buildings.
  • Community Center Closet Door (Repair/Replace)
    • Mike Laurel (Laurel Builders) submitted the cost of a 3-0 hollow core oak door with jambs, casing, and entry lever; the cost was $255 delivered but not installed.
    • Council discussed and decided to have Laurel Builders order and deliver the door
    •  Councilmember Mueller moved to have Laurel Builders order and deliver the Closet Door, jambs, casing, and entry lever for the cost of $255, seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.
  • National Night-Out – (August 7th)
    • A meeting date of May 1, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center is scheduled to plan National Night-Out. A meeting notice will be posted tomorrow to cover the open meeting law.
  • Revised NIMS Training Program (Requirements)
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen will put together a NIMS Training packet for Council.

Public Works & Utilities Department Report

  • Quotes for Tree Trimming
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen had contacted Lawn Ranger and asked if their quote included travel time. Their quote did include travel time to and from the site. 
    • Council discussed and decided that out of the minimum of five hours charged only three hours would be actual working time.
    • Councilmember Barnes rescinded his motion from the last Council meeting to award the tree trimming contract to Lawn Ranger. Councilmember Barnes then made a new motion to issue the tree trimming contract to Bob Shanahan (Shanahan’s Tree Service) per his bid and to also include chipping and cleanup, seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.
    • Council’s reason for rescinding the motion was the cost Lawn Ranger quoted, a minimum of five (5) hours at $130.00 per hour which included two (2) hours of travel time to an from the site. This rate including travel time would not be cost effective for the City.
  • Sanitary Survey Report for Hamburg PublicWater Supply
    • The Minnesota Department of Health did an on-site inspection of Hamburg’s public water system to provide safe drinking water to the public.
    • The MDH provided some recommendations for the City:
      • Well #2, Creamery Well, should be sealed. The owner of the property would be the responsible party to seal the well however money to cover the cost would be a problem.
    • Council decided to notify the owner that the well will have to be sealed and that the City will be looking into possible grant monies to help cover the cost.
  • Jason Buckentin (351 Sophia) – Driveway
    • When there is a heavy rain the water running down the curb on the north side of Sophia Ave drains over Jason Buckentin driveway and washes it out.
    • Council discussed and decided that the water naturally wants to drain into the open field at the back of his property. Council agreed that they will not pursue fixing this problem at this time.
  • PowerWasher – Purchase
    • Council had previously approved the purchase of a power washer for City projects. The Hamburg Fire Department offered the use of their power washer so the City would not have to purchase one.
  • Graffiti on Park Buildings
    • Two Park buildings were spray painted with graffiti. A Police report was filed and it was turned into the Cities insurance company.
  • Park Shelter – Light Fixture
    • Council discussed and decided to call Rob’s Electric to come out to fix the light fixture that is broken on top of the Band Shelter.
  • Resident Request
    • A resident on Donald Avenue had called the City office asking if he could dump a load of black dirt on the City Street and then use a bobcat to move the dirt to his garden.
    • Council discussed and decided to allow the resident to dump the dirt on the street (dirt cul-de-sac area on Donald Avenue) but he will have to clean-up the street when finished. Council also decided the dirt could be on the street for one day only.
  • Televise Services
    • Maintenance Worker Byerly will be televising two service lines this week.
  • Lawn Sprayer for Lawnmower
    • Councilmember Mueller suggested checking into purchasing a larger sprayer, one that will attach to the lawnmower. Council discussed and decided this is something that can be put on the budget for next year. Estimated cost is around $700.

City Clerk/Treasurer Report

  • Local Water Management Plan Update – Cost Estimate/Options
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen updated Council on the meeting held for the Storm Water Management Improvement updates needed. Clerk Gruenhagen informed Council the following items would have to be updated/addressed: Pond Maintenance Program, Education Requirements (Use County Materials), and TMDL (Fecal & Turbidity) for Bevens Creek.
  • Sanitary & StormWater Improvement Project
    • Council was updated on the remaining items to be completed on the Punch List with a few more items being listed. It was also noted that the accident service call for the hit gas line has not been paid and will be taken out of the final payment.
    • Brian Cummiskey (724 Park Ave) is requesting the end of his driveway be widened. There was a miss communication on the width during the I & I Project. Council discussed and decided to widen the driveway as requested.
    • Brian Cummiskey also requested approval to bail the one and a half acres of land that the city purchased from him to build the pond. Council discussed and decided to allow him to mow and bail the pond parcel for this year (2012) only.
      • Councilmember Lund moved to allow Brian Cummiskey (724 Park Ave) to mow and bail the one and a half acres of land that the City purchased from Mr. Cummiskey for one year only (2012), seconded by Councilmember Barnes and the motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.
  • Private Property Service Lines
    • Council discussed the start date and end date of when residents have to have their service lines inspected. Council decided residents would have one year from the time they receive a letter informing them that an inspection would have to be made.
  • Handicap Mini-Biff Rental for Park
    • City Council agreed to rent a handicap mini-biff for Bi-Centennial Park from May to September.
  • Sign for City Hall/Township
    • Councilmember Mueller will work on the type of City sign, design, and cost to replace the current sign on Broadway Avenue.
  • Use of SHIP Monies (Handicap Access to Parks)
    • Hamburg has money from the SHIP program and decided to work with Brad Droege and Roger Siewert on drafting plans for handicap pathways to the playground equipment in the parks.

Approve Payment of April 2012 Claims

  • Approve Payment of April 2012 Claims
    • Council questioned Check #15600 to Hilgers Plumbing & Heating – Service Call and Labor to Inspect Water Heater Leakage. This was changed to read – Service Call & Labor to Inspect Air Conditioner Unit for leakage.
    • One claim was added for Councilmember Lund for mileage (48 miles @ .555) to and from an Accel meeting. Check number 15619 in the amount of $26.64.
    • Councilmember Mueller moved to approve the one PERA ACH payment and claim number 15595 through 15619 amounting to $21,513.82, seconded by Councilmember Barnes and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

City Council Reports

  • Councilmember Mueller (Sewer &Water) had nothing further to report
  • Councilmember Lund (Streets)
    • Councilmember Lund asked if the minuets will be up to date by the next Council meeting.
    •  Deputy Clerk Block reported that they should be completed for the next meeting.
  • Councilmember Trebesch (Buildings) had nothing further to report.
  • Councilmember Barnes (Parks) had nothing further to report.
  • Mayor Malz had nothing further to report.

Adjourn City Council Meeting

  • Councilmember Mueller moved to adjourn the Hamburg City Council meeting at 8:44 p.m., seconded by Councilmember Trebesch and motion carried.

Submitted by:
Sue Block
Deputy Clerk