Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Recall

As many of us know by now Gov. Walker survived the recall bid last night by a wider margin than he beat Barrett the first time around. While I waited for the polls to close and the results to stream I decided to watch MSNBC to listen to the Liberal pundits spin the results. I will admit that I found humor in their dejected faces as they had to report that not only Gov. Walker kept his position so did the LT. Gov and the Speaker as well.

The spin though was that Gov. Walker's win was not a reform on Obama since exit polls had him leading Romney by 8 points. One brave soul on MSNBC pointed out that Wisconsin has voted Democrat in every Presidential election dating back to Clinton. The assessment is correct. Wisconsin will more than likely go to Obama but this wasn't about the national election for President; rather this vote was a referendum on public unions and austerity measures; both went for Conservative ideals.

Lawrence O'Donnell repeated the fact that the GOP outspent the Dem's by a 7-1 margin and blamed the United Supreme Court decision Citizen United for it. Early reports stated that voter turnout was more than 65 percent which was about 15 points more than in 2010. The big winner last night was Wisconsin and America as Democracy reigned.

While the sat watching MSNBC, I posted on Facebook (in jest) that "Just got back from Wisconsin. No ID required to vote. Love this country!" One post took me very seriously and actually thought I'd commit a felony to prove my point. My ruse rubbed a friend of mine's so wrong that he may have defriended me but not prior to his wife posting - This is Matt's wife - as a former resident of WI I am digusted by your actions. I am guessing you are trying to prove a point but all you are doing is coming off like a complete asshole. don't try to prove their needs to be voter fraud laws by actually participating in voter fraud. Laws should not have to be passed to account for assholes like you.

As I stated above, I didn't actually go to Wisconsin to vote rather thought it comical to state what I did originally. Most of our laws are to protect stupid people from harming themselves or government officials (on both sides of the aisle) thinking they know what is best for us. We have become a society of lazy, dumb and entitled people. No longer does the vast majority of people take the time to read the morning newspaper, engage in critical thought or investigate a claim made. 

The Government has said that we need SSN, we need Medicare, we need Health Care, we need free abortion services, we need (fill in the blank). So when Government says things are getting better then why should we question it or when Government says we need to just take the wealthy to pay the bill then why should we question it? Now the Mayor of New York is saying no to soda over 16 ounces yet if you are really thirsty just buy two! WHAT! 

Americans wake up! Government is in our lives far to much.