Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Primary Tuesday - Obama v Clinton

Today several states, including Minnesota, will be heading to the polls in primary voting. While the expectation is a low voter turnout in Minnesota, the race for the Democrat Party primary in Colorado will be interesting. What makess the Colorado primary for the Democrat Party is that it pits President Obama versus former President Clinton. President Obama is backing incumbant Sen. Michael Bennett while former President Clinton is backing challenger Colorado's House Speaker Andrew Romanoff.

Normally I would not really pay to much attention to primaries in other states but this one is intriguing. President Obama has a horrible track record and many incumbants running in the fall are not even mentioning President Obama in their ads. Former President Clinton did some last minute stumping for Sen. Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas that pushed her over the edge. What will the pundits say tomorrow if Romanoff beats Bennett in the Colorado primary? If Romanoff wins, what does it say about President Obama?