Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lame Duck Session of Congress starts today!!!!

It is Cyber Monday and many of us will be going back to work after a four-day weekend as well. For those that work in the corporate world with a computer be mindful of your company's internet policy as you can find yourself unemployed by partaking in Cyber Monday. That aside the citizens of the United States wake up this morning to the start of the Lame-Duck session of Congress. A lot of conversation will be focused on the expiring Bush Tax cuts. Earlier this year a Deficit committee was established to tackle the growing deficit and out of control spending, to which I already talked about, the trouble is a lot of the suggestions made by the Deficit committee won't take place until 2015. Why?

Other issues facing the Lame-Duck Congress are the START Treaty, "Don't ask, Don't Tell", and the extension of Unemployment Benefits. If you are politically junkie, which I am, it will be fun watching this session of Congress as it will be entertaining and most likely unproductive. Then throw into the realm the fiasco in the Korean peninsula and the wikileaks new document dump. Another point to watch is if Republicans stick to their pledge to no pork added to bills or will that pledge not really begin until they take control of the House?