Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tea Party: Racists or Diverse?

Since the rise of the Tea Party the accusations flew about their racist and bigoted thoughts. At every turn the Liberal media and pundits attempted to paint all Tea Party goers as angry, white, middle aged men. While there was a fringe group that joined the fray for a chance to vent their anger against a black president, the majority of them were just fed up with over taxation, deficit spending, loss of freedoms and the arrogance of a growing central government.

Democrats did their best efforts to put a face on their liberal agenda with Obama because it offered them the opportunity to paint the GOP as the Party of "Fat Cat" white guys. Unfortunately, the Democrats didn't realize the ground swell of fiscal Conservatism that existed in America. Personally, I wished the Tea Party movement had started during the 2010 Primary season to avoid the racist, angry, white man moniker the Left has attempted to paint them.

As the article points out, the Tea Party backed candidates are more diverse then what the media leads on. Probably the biggest Tea Party backed candidate is Marco Rubio and he is a Latino. It will be interesting if the Congressional Black Caucus will offer an invitation to the newly elected black Congressman that are cloaked in the GOP.