Friday, May 6, 2011

Minnesota Constitutional Amendment: Definition of Marriage

The House of the Minnesota State Legislature passed a measure this past week that would put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to define marriage between one man and one woman. I am not surprised by the Republican led House but doesn't this fly in the face of expanding government? That being said, if the measure reaches the ballot in November I will vote against it. My vote won't be because I believe in same-sex marriage; rather the vote is against the expansion of government into our lives.

Marriage is not a right. Now one does have the right to liberty endowed by their creator. If that creator accepts same-sex or multi-marriage families then so be it. Who am I to say that creator is wrong? No more marriage option on the tax return, no more marriage license, no more Justice of the Peace ceremonies, and no more restrictions on adoption to "married" couples. It is time to return marriage to the creator and the dogmas of the creator. It is time to declare marriage is a rite!