Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Role of Guns in our society

Nearly every legislative body is discussing the top of gun violence or gun control. For the past few days and including today hearings are being held at the Minnesota state capital on all aspects of guns. Today they will be holding a hearing on ammunition clip size. I know I have blogged prior on the issue of gun control and violence but we still need to keep the focus on the ball.

Just this week the Department of Justice released an argument for the use of Drones to monitor and kill American citizens abroad as well as here in the United States. Mind you that this is the same Department of Justice that felt our brave men and women fighting around the world should issue the Miranda Warning to those that are trying to kill them. People have made the argument that average citizens do not need "assault" or military style weapons in there homes and that our police force should never be out gunned. The fallacy to that point is the Police have nothing to fear from the law abiding citizen and the criminal will find a means to obtain those weapons regardless of what ever law is placed on the books.

It is true that as a hunter I do not need more than four or five bullets in my clip at any one time. Yet to go down that road is a distraction from the conversation. Our Fore Fathers, despite their short comings, understood what it meant to live under tyranny. Those that seek our shores for a better life have a firm grasp on tyranny as well. That understanding and first hand experience of our Fore Fathers is the foundation for implementing the Second Amendment.

Through the ratification of the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution is was forged that every citizen have the capability to fight back tyranny in what ever form it takes. While in my lifetime I may never witness such decay in our ruling class to the point that a King or Queen or Dictator is substituted for the Republic, there does exist that possibility at some point in the future. One step to enact that transformation is to ensure the citizenry has no means of protecting the Republic.

Some reading this will dismiss that last paragraph but look at recent legislation passed through Congress and signed into law. A few examples are NAFTA, Patriot Act, Healthcare Mandate, and now a legal argument for the use of Drones to assassinate Americans here and abroad. Individually these acts and resolutions by our Federal government has eroded our freedom and liberty of a free society. With the Supreme Court ruling that the Healthcare Mandate is Constitutional based on it is a tax opens Pandora's Box to more tax mandates.

Don't be surprised that if a Representative or Senator puts forth a bill to implement a steep tax on the number of bullets one has or on the number and types of guns one owns. Why do you think they are pushing so hard for this national database for background checks and gun registry? It is not to keep criminals from obtaining weapons it is to help them identify where the weapons are so at some point in the future they can levy a tax in hopes of disarming America. Demand your freedom before your ability to do so is taken away!