Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Circus at Staples; RIP Michael Jackson

No matter how old you are there is probably at least one song of Michael Jackson that moves you. Whether you remember Michael Jackson as the “King of Pop” or the alleged child molester, one undeniable truth exists; Americans love their celebrities. Where else can one have their memorial ceremony, than in American society, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California? The financially strapped city is using valuable resources to host a public memorial today for Michael Jackson. Estimates are that it will cost the city roughly $2M.

For some reason the Jackson family did not want to hold the memorial at the Neverland Ranch. Why might that be? Janet Jackson said at the BET award last week that he was “family”. If that is really what it is about than why not have a private ceremony for close friends and family? Why make it a circus event and put a financially strapped city on the hook for it? Greed. Pure and simple. The Jacksons have been in and out of the limelight for the past ten years.

Michael Jackson is in financial ruin and was on the verge of a major concert tour that according to some experts was to rake in over $400M. Rumors are still circulating as to the cause of death and what exactly happened. Perhaps we may never really know. I suspect that after today’s circus in Los Angeles the family will ask for the media to leave Michael rest in peace. There are bigger things going on in the world right now. America is embroiled in a war against terror, huge budget deficits, increasing unemployment, plummeting housing market, and a President that didn’t have “complete information” when jamming through the Stimulus bill. I sure hope he gets complete information for the Cap and Trade and Health Care reform otherwise America can kiss the “American Dream” goodbye.

The media won’t report that though for multiple reasons. Michael Jackson’s death is unfortunate and I feel for the family’s lose but I know that Rahm Emanuel is seeing the media coverage as cover to advance his cause; bankrupting America.