Thursday, July 9, 2009

Race for Governor of Minnesota has started!!!

Gov. Pawlenty announced several weeks ago that he will not seek another term as Governor of Minnesota. Although the election is 17 months away, many are starting to line up for their party nomination. With a wide open field and several of candidates to choose from, my neighbor and I decided to hear what one of those candidates had to say first hand.

Last night at the Chanhassen American Legion, Rep. Paul Kohls held a kick off meeting for his campaign to become the next Governor of Minnesota. Mr. Kohls spoke for about a hour on what it will take to win the nomination and the Governorship, gave insight into his position and character, and finally asked for support of those in the room. Back in April at the Tea Party held at Capitol, Chris Baker challenged the crowd to not end their participation in the process with the Tea Party gathering.

I took that personally which was part of the reason why I attended the meeting last night. Rep. Kohls has been out to Hamburg to hear the biggest issue facing the city. In fielding questions from the City Council and the general public, he didn't use vague terms or political talk when answering the concerns. Since that meeting, I have corresponded with Rep. Kohls to gain greater understanding of his stance on issues that concern me the most.

During the meeting last night many questions were asked but I still left the meeting with a few questions unanswered. I did leave my questions for Rep. Kohls and look forward to hearing his responses. As an Independent, I will find a candidate to support that best fits my core ideals. From my conversations with Rep. Kohls and observations from his website, my support is leaning his way.

That is my challenge to all that read my blog. Find a candidate that represents your ideals best. While there will be several candidates vying for your vote for Governor, take a moment to visit each of their websites to learn more about them. One can start by visiting